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Alleged murder plot was jailhouse talk, attorney says

Posted December 1, 2010

— The attorney for a Raleigh man accused in a murder-for-hire plot told a judge Wednesday it was all jailhouse talk.

Tyler Wayne Callihan, 43, was indicted on Tuesday on a charge of solicitation to commit murder, after Wake County Sheriff’s investigators say he sought out Dashon Crudup in October to kill his ex-wife.

During a bond hearing Wednesday, defense attorney Deonte Thomas told Superior Court Judge Ripley Rand that there was no plot.

Callihan had been in jail at the time on a charge of failure to pay child support, Thomas said, and Crudup, 20, was trying to get his own charges reduced.

Crudup is in jail on first-degree murder and felony drug charges.

Callihan remained in the Wake County jail Wednesday under a reduced bond of $1.5 million.

Documents filed last month in civil court indicate that Callihan and his wife, Sandra Callihan, have two children and were divorced in 2006.

Wake County Sheriff’s Office investigators have declined to comment on the case.

Callihan’s family and ex-wife were in court Wednesday. None of them wanted to comment on the case.


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  • brittany694 Dec 3, 2010

    Mugu...There is nothing poor about this guy. What he did is wrong and yes he should pay for it. FYI..I have a job(s) and I take of my child.

  • Mugu Dec 2, 2010

    Brittany, why not just get a job, leave the poor guy alone and be done with it.

    Personal responsibility has taken a back seat to ignorance and greed. This poor fellow should be let out of jail and be given a medal.

  • brittany694 Dec 2, 2010

    I know of this man, and what he has done is wrong in so many ways. I just can't believe that anyone would do anything to harm the mother of their children. Why not just pay child support and be done with it. I do not believe it was "Jail House Talk". I think he was serious. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Mother and her two boys.

  • shortz1994 Dec 1, 2010

    sanford wallace, sounds good to. i will just live off your taxes an the rest of north carolina.. for the state messing my stuff up.. why pay for any thing any more when i can get you an the rest of north carolina to do it for me..

  • wdweveryyear Dec 1, 2010

    wonder why people respond to anything mugu says on any blogs, just making them happy seems to me???

  • ProudBlackSingleMother Dec 1, 2010

    Shortz, hire a lawyer... if you can't afford one, you are going to jail for being a deadbeat.

    No excuses, being disabled and unable to work is in no way a reason to not support you baby momma's handbags and bar tabs.

    You cannot get your arrears reduced, it is federal law... sorry.

    You cannot get your support amount reduced, no elected judge would want that to happen on her watch, she would never get reelected.

    You either need to go to jail or flee the country... but if you go to jail, you will get great health care!

    I read about this one guy who was dying of cancer, could not work and could not afford proper treatment or an attorney.

    He was eventually arrested for failure to pay child support, went to jail and got some world class medical treatment. Basically, for a $4,000 debt, he was able to get about $250,000 in free health care at taxpayer expense. Eventually cancer went into remission and he is back to work.

    We live in a wonderful country, maybe jail is what you need!

  • Mommyoftwo Dec 1, 2010

    shortz1994 - I truly believe there are different circumstances for different people. In Tyler's instance he just doesn't want to pay.

    SanfordWallace - Dashon didn't make anything up! They have his notes in his handwriting AND they have the guys from 2006 that were paid. He was even stupid enough to tell the attorneys that he was going to run if he could get out of jail and leave the country. Told them where he would go and everything!

    I have no idea where the idea that I don't have a job is coming from and don't really care. I've known this family for 10 years and I KNOW what this POS has put his boys through as well as his ex-wife. How do you tell your boys that they're written out of your will and your new step-son will get everything even when courts MANDATE they be beneficiaries?

    Jail is too lenient for him. String him by the parts that he thinks with and may he rot in HE--!

  • shortz1994 Dec 1, 2010

    well then mommy of two i agree with you, but as for my case, what.. an i'm not the only one out there.. an i can't work. i have gran-maul, an i'm on disability, have told them to take it from me.. but to this date they don't.. so what.. they send me the "paystub" an they say i owe 0.00, but then they want to take me to court an tell me i owe 33.000. an not to pull the card out.. but i'm a white american, my x is afro american.. so can I sue..for the state for being racist?

  • ProudBlackSingleMother Dec 1, 2010

    Dashon is a snitch, he made that stuff up. He will not last long in prison.

    Mommyoftwo needs to get a grip on life and also a job, it is time to make your own money... and MerryChristmasAngel, you are messed up in the head.

    Child support and alimony should be abolished just because of that link that Mugu posted... that is a travesty.

  • Mommyoftwo Dec 1, 2010

    Tyler was in jail for contempt of court charges for failure to pay child support...he hasn't paid it for the last 4 years. And it isn't an issue of his not being able to pay it, he DOESN'T WANT TO! He has a $650,000 house with his new wife that he was cheating on his wife with. It isn't a question of him being broke...HE'S A LOSER DEADBEAT!!

    He tried to do this four years ago and even paid somebody to do it but it never happened so you can't say it's just jail talk! What was it 4 years ago? an OOPS? PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!