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Water restored at Raleigh mobile home park

Posted November 29, 2010

— The water is back on at a mobile home park in southern Wake County that was without service for nearly four days.

Amy Jo Middleton, property operations manager for River Stone Corp., which manages Horseshoe Mobile Home Park, said Monday that a leak in a water pipe was to blame for the outage.

Residents said they had gone since late Wednesday without showers and had to ration their water supply.

Middleton blamed the delay in restoring water on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and difficulty in finding the leak.

She said she and maintenance employees contacted multiple plumbers to look into the issue and even tried contacting local emergency officials, a portable toilet company and a pool company for assistance.

Water was finally restored around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, she said.

Middleton said the property management company plans to hold a community meeting to hear residents’ concerns about the water issues.


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  • pattip574 Nov 30, 2010

    Everyone here is missing the point. Yes, "back in the day", "on the farm", water was drawn from the well and everyone used the outhouse. If any of you can point out the locations of the well and the outhouse, I'm sure the residents of this trailer park would have been thrilled to use both. So, what's your plan "B"? Maybe they can borrow water from a neighbor.. nope- they had no water either.. Not showering for 4 days may be an inconvenience, but having somewhere to use the bathroom is a necessity and not having running water can eventually lead to a health hazard.

  • dwr1964 Nov 29, 2010

    Some people have the ability to adapt to any situation. Some of us were trained to have that ability. Some lived with the absence of modern times. Some had both. I am sorry if you were pampered you entire life GNEWSOME1.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 29, 2010

    Michael919, very well said. But I doubt there will be any takers on your suggestions. Those who are so quick to minimize the misfortunes of others should give them all a try.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 29, 2010

    It's a story about people "doing without". Had it not been for the news exposing this, they might still be without water. Some of us can relate to their situation, some cannot.

  • dwr1964 Nov 29, 2010


  • quaten Nov 29, 2010

    This story is a story because the issue affected many people on a holiday weekend, and there was no immediate solution pending. It's not a story of one household on a rural farm - it's about many households in a city.

    I think it's wrong to rationalize another's misfortune, due to their stead or means, by comparing it with your own. Don't you agree?

  • michael919 Nov 29, 2010

    Really easy to say get over it when you have water, sewer, lights isn't it. If it is so great living without these services why do you have them? Run out now and pull your breaker, turn off the water main and backup your sewer line.

    If it wasn't for the news they probably wouldn't have running now.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 29, 2010

    dwr1964, I can relate. We didn't have any of those "luxuries" on our farm in 1960 either. Water was drawn from a well, house was heated by wood, cooking was on a wood stove and light was provided by oil lanterns. But we all managed to stay warm, clean, fed and studious. My grandmother could cook some wonderful meals on her wood stove.

  • woodrowboyd2 Nov 29, 2010

    I belive the news is already deep enough into our life without a push.
    Its people who would like to police the world and not just their little world.
    Must be a slow news day to report water back on in mobile home park.
    Its really a shame that most today had all these things like water lights and sewer .
    we had an out house wood cook stove kerosene lamps and buckets on chains.
    Sometimes we were glad to be ask to get water because it was a break from the regular work that never seem to end.
    Also if i got lucky enough to get to go see a move it was only 6 miles from home and no car or bike to ride. Dang do you folks have it made.

  • quaten Nov 29, 2010

    I'm glad they got their water supply back - can't think of anything worse on a holiday. It's all good to proclaim to be more self-reliant, but nowadays who is really prepared for an extended episode of "outage"? On the first day or two, you might expect the "Utility folks" to magically handle it. Beyond that - who has a plan (on a four-day holiday weekend)?

    Somehow, critical household infrastructure tends to fail on a holiday. If this was a result of aging pipes, expect similar issues nearby - water pressure has nasty habit of finding the "next available" weak point.