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Shooting tragic for two close families

Posted November 29, 2010

— A Pine Level man accused of killing a lifelong friend called Johnston County 911 early Saturday, telling the operator he had to shoot him.

“I told him to leave a few times. I put my hands on him. He wouldn’t leave, so I had to shoot him,” a man, identifying himself as Stefan Gudac, says in a call released Monday afternoon. “I need you to come here as quick as possible.”

Devin Barber, 20, of Smithfield, was shot three times, Pine Level police say, after an argument erupted around 1:30 a.m. at Gudac’s home at 417 E. Pine St.

It’s unclear what the argument was about.

In the nearly 5-minute call made from outside the house, Gudac remains calm and details to the 911 operator where he says he shot Barber.

”He’s got a stomach wound, and it looks like a neck wound – a graze wound on the neck,” he says. “He’s just got a wound – it looks like it’s right below his trachea.”

Barber is awake during part of the phone call but apparently loses consciousness near the end, Gudac says.

A second caller also called 911 from inside the house, insisting an EMS crew be called.

“We’ve got to get someone here quick,” the caller says. “Oh my God, I cannot believe this.”

Gudac, 23, is charged with first-degree murder and is in the Johnston County jail without bond.

During an initial court appearance Monday, a Johnston County District Court judge appointed him a public defender and scheduled a bond hearing for Dec. 9

Pine Level Police Chief Keith Sparks said Barber and Gudac had been friends since they were boys but declined to comment further on the investigation, including who the gun belonged to or whether alcohol was a factor in the shooting.

Pine Level 911 call released Two families torn by shooting in Pine Level

"They were buddies. They hung out a lot," said Darrell Barber of his son and the accused.

"He had to shoot him. Pretty drastic, don't ya think? ... I don't know why Stefan made that choice," Barber said.

Gudac is the son of Anthony Gudac, a Pine Level town commissioner who oversees the police department. Police said he was not at home at the time of the shooting.

Because of Anthony Gudac’s position, the State Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the case.

Anthony Gudac declined to comment Monday, but Barber’s father called the shooting a tragedy for both families.

“This is so tragic for everyone involved,” Darrell Barber said. “On Wednesday, we’ll bury one son, and the other will be behind bars.”

Devin Barber’s funeral is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday at Grace Baptist Church in Princeton. The family will receive visitors Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Parrish Funeral Home in Selma.


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  • blairmiddleton Dec 2, 2010

    First of all, I think that all of you who are commenting about this situation and do not know BOTH Devin and Stefan on a personal level are lame. Don't you realize that both families and many friends are grieving and will probably read all of this nonsense like I just did. I grew up in Pine Level. I went to school with Devin. I cheered for Devin playing football. We were not best friends but we were friends and he impacted my life and my heart breaks knowing he is gone. I also know Stefan. For as long as I can remember Devin and Stefan were great TRUE friends. So unless you know the Barbers and Gudacs, or just was to say I'm praying for you, why don't you think about how your comment might make them feel if they were to read it. Praying for both families!

  • tinakcreech Dec 1, 2010

    really???? it is people like you, that makes it hard for moms like me to support my sons descion to go in the military so YOU and your IGNORANT comments can be posted. my son was in combat with gudac in iraq and this is not a kid that would hurt a fly on a normal day. maybe the military should spend more time on"pysch" tx.(that is treatment) and then maybe just maybe we wouldn't have tragic ACCIDENTS like this one. your comments only instills ignorance what century are you in??? If it weren't for people like gudac going to war you wouldn't be able to post your STUPID comments. so maybe instead of posting negative thoughts, maybe you should pray for BOTH families. I wish Devins family all the heart felt sympathy. I pray that God keeps you in the palm of his hands and a band of angels around you.

  • Lightfoot3 Dec 1, 2010

    I don’t care if he was born of a Virgin and could walk on water. You don’t murder someone because they won’t leave your house. Murderers need to swing from the end of a rope.

  • Opeth Nov 30, 2010

    He was military. Never fired a shot.

    Oh no, you saw pics with guns!?! Sooo disturbing. Loser.

    He was a friend. Never saw this coming. Tragic.

  • yougottaloveus Nov 30, 2010

    I know the Gudac family very well, and what happened was uncalled for.. espically in a small town like Pine Level. I agree with wuffpack90, you have no idea what he's been through in the military. I'm not saying I do, and I'm not saying what he did was right, but stop talking trash about people you don't know, or even know anything about. The media is biased and never tells the full story, so think before you speak.

  • tinakcreech Nov 30, 2010

    i can't beleive the ignorance that is being posted!!!! i guess it is true about what the say about opions the are like azz holes and everyone has one. If you have never been to war PLEASE DO NOT dismiss what our soldiers have endured so you can post your ignorant comments. i think we should carry both families in our prayers. i can't imagine what either of them are going through and some people are posting things they know nothing about.

  • wuffpack90 Nov 30, 2010

    These men were best friends. Obviously Stefan had some wrong in his mind to do this to Devin. Thats what the military will do to you. He served our country in War and shot people every single day. Thats got to do something to your mind. Most of us have never fought in a war and we don't know what it is like. We all just speculate on how we think things are but the only ones who really know are the ones that have been over there fighting. I am NOT saying that he should be let of the hook just because fought in the war. What Stefan did was completely wrong. I just wish you people would consider what Stefan has been through before you come on here and talk trash about what he did. I can't imagine what both families are going through right now. My thoughts and prayers go out to the both of them. RIP Devin you will be missed.

  • DizzyDaphnee Nov 30, 2010

    Very tragic for all. I do not understand the friendship part, if someone is truly your friend, don't u protect them, keep them from harm? (meaning u don't WANT to see them harmed) He might have known this person most of his life, he may have hung out with him and thought they had "things" in common BUT these men were NOT real friends. If that was true, respect for the other, drunk or not would have been present and "killin" would not have been an option.

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Nov 30, 2010

    @ wendylane86 -- LOL I might not know the whole situation but neither do you. But for the time being, between his 911 call and how the other person reacted when they called 911. I don't care how you look at it, unless it was self defense, he is a murderer. I can have my opinion, so why don't you quit wasting MY time with all of your boo-hoo mess.

  • Jimmy_Phillips_was_here Nov 30, 2010

    Saturday the public still had access to this guy's FB page so I did a little looking around. Most of his photos posted there were disturbing. A lot of pictures of him dressed like and mocking Muslims and some with several firearms including assault rifles, one appeared to be an Uzi being fired and one appeared to be an AK-47 not being fired. Funny that they have not mentioned his military background either(that I'm aware of), he had recently commented to another soldier that he was on leave. I suspect that his defense will be temporary insanity...but hope capital punishment prevails in this case.