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Drunken driver convicted on murder charge in fatal wreck

Posted November 22, 2010

— A Louisburg man was sentenced Monday to more than 30 years in prison after being convicted of second-degree murder in a fatal drunken driving wreck last year.

Following a week-long trial, jurors also found Cory Lamar Henderson guilty of driving while impaired and hit-and-run and serious injury by motor vehicle.

Prosecutors said Henderson, 34, was intoxicated on Aug. 29, 2009, when his car hit and killed Eddie Ogburn, 28, on Old Wake Forest Road in Raleigh.

When Ogburn slowed to turn left onto Zachary Brook Lane, Henderson tried to pass, causing the wreck, police said. Henderson ran from the scene but was arrested shortly after.

Police said they also were pursuing Henderson before the crash when he was spotted driving recklessly, but the wreck occurred before they could pull him over.

Henderson had two previous driving while impaired convictions, prosecutors said.

Statewide, 394 people were killed last year in alcohol-related crashes, including 18 in Wake County, according to the North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center.

There were almost 73,000 DWI charges filed in North Carolina in 2009, according to the state Administrative Office of the Courts. The office doesn't break out how many second-degree murder charges in North Carolina involve DWI cases.


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  • adamzbaker Nov 24, 2010

    We still miss you EOG!

    This won't bring you back, but at least justice was served.

    I'm glad that this person won't be given the chance to drive drunk/recklessly for the next 30 years....maybe our loss will save others' their lives.

    EOG--Bangin' chains in tha Sky!!!


  • doubletrouble Nov 23, 2010

    Well...I must admit...I do drink, every-once-in-a-while, BUT...I don't drive while doing so. It's a simple rule folks, it's black and white. Yes, I had a DUI long ago and with the court costs, high insurance, lack of being able to get around at my whim-- it taught me a valuable lesson. Thank goodness that I got driving privilages to retain my job-and I learned from my mistake. But hey, I work for a living, I understand how my actions can effect my pocketbook and thus, if one cracks a seal, pops a top...you best be sitting in the place you plan to be for awhile, that, or call a cab, a sober driver--or just walk where one needs to go(just don't be drunk in public). Not to mention the fact you(and myself did that one time) endanger other members of the public. There are just some folks who just don't learn after the first time and thus, one has to rachet up the punishment, as in this case. We all make mistakes even some M.A.D members. Would love to dig in those case files.

  • pirate2323 Nov 23, 2010

    Eddie's life was cut way too short by a drunk driver that had previous convictions and obviously did not learn his lesson. For all of your people that are making this a white black issue you need to wake up... its people like you and your opinions that make this country still potentially racist. Everyone is over it because it is 2010 yet you still linger and use it as a scapegoat for every single thing. How about this try not blaming race on everything for one day...and you might find that you didnt get a parking ticket b/c u were black you got one b/c you parked illeagally...It really is an eye opener...The point is a loser took the life of a wonderful person like Eddie...white or black he got what he deserved if not more.

  • fcruzcontrol1 Nov 23, 2010

    @gharris, I never said anything about race, so maybe you want to put that card away yourself! My point of the statement is how or why did he get so much more time than someone who intentionally went out and murdered someone, and in front of their child. I wouldn't consider what he did as murder, it was more like a thoughtless, extremely stupid and selfish act, which unfortunately resulted in someone's death. As I said before.. He should pay, but I feel that sentence was too extreme. I'm not asking anyone to agree with me. And another thing gharris, a little fyi... "people like you"? People like me or anything like me come from a ethnic background of many races. I don't see race nor color, I see people. Don't be so quick to assume one's color... people like you are what's wrong with our country. smh

  • pwned Nov 23, 2010

    @ gharris:

    YOU and people like you are what's wrong with this country! EVERYTHING isn't about race. He's a murderer. End of story! Driving drunk you're making yourself a murderer.

  • pwned Nov 23, 2010

    @ fcruzcontrol1:

    Intent?! He INTENTIONALLY got into a car and drove while drunk. NUMEROUS TIMES! That shows intent! He had no respect for his life or anyone else's! He got what he deserved!


    I AGREE!

  • robertleonard01 Nov 23, 2010

    Eddie was a friend of mine. I still can't believe he is gone. I'm glad this is now somewhat over and his killer will pay.

  • SmileAndNod Nov 23, 2010

    Yeah if I killed two people and they offered me 13 yrs, I would have taken it as well. Look it up, Henderson was not offered that amount of time. If my memory serves me correctly, it was 25 years.

  • kikinc Nov 23, 2010

    SmileAndNod-She took a plea deal. That's why her sentence was lower.

  • fcruzcontrol1 Nov 23, 2010

    I understand what this man did was awful and there needs to be justice, but I believe he recieved more time than he should have. Why not vehicular manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter? Why murder as if it was with intent? Why did he get more time than the guy who killed his girlfriend at the daycare in front of her kids (and she had a restraining order against him)? He received 3 yrs...what's that about? He wasn't impaired, he was just full of hate. I'm not saying being impaired should have been taken more lightly, but his crime wasn't done with intent. The way the system is...it's nothing less than twisted.