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Fayetteville man accused of killing ex-girlfriend

Posted November 20, 2010
Updated November 21, 2010

— A long-term relationship ended Friday night with a Sanford woman dead and a Fayetteville man in jail.

Relatives said Isaac Tyrone Jackson Jr., 33, shot his estranged girlfriend Shamekia Lynette Griffin, also 33, at her home at 1809 Mahogony Court in Sanford just after 9 p.m.

Her 15-year-old son told WRAL News that Jackson came to the house armed and that he begged the man not to kill his mother.

The pair dated for more than eight years, Jackson's father said.

Woman killed in Sanford shooting Woman killed in Sanford shooting

According to Department of Correction records, Jackson served four months in jail in 1999 for manslaughter. His father said Jackson accidentally shot his 17-year-old brother.

Jackson surrendered to authorities Friday night and was placed in the Lee County Jail without bond.


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  • jjwood2424 Nov 22, 2010

    Don't know her but she looks like a caring and loving person...My heart goes out to her kids and family!! Praying for this family especial her 15 year old son who begged for his mothers life. Wowww! This is really making me feel some kind of way right now!

  • tritonlm6 Nov 22, 2010

    What blows my mind is that there is a story like this in the local news every day. Similar circumstances, different cast of characters. Black, white, red, green....it doesn't matter. People are nuts.

  • haywood2hall Nov 22, 2010

    wow bookie really you just came home 2 weeks ago and now your twin boys have to suffer without a mother or father the women that has been doing it by herself for the 10 years you were gone come on you should have thought about this before you reacted...my heart goes out for your sons to have to endure such pain and witness the murder that was done by and to people they loved

  • sayitoutloud Nov 22, 2010

    I hope they sent him to death row. He shot her twice in the head infront of her 2 boys. Can you imagine the scars these children will have for life. All because he didnt like the fact that she was seeing someone else. He must have liked prison so well, that he wanted to go back. He should have ended his own life so we wouldnt have to support his sorry tale for the rest of his miserable life.

  • liccyann Nov 22, 2010

    he was living in a half way house. he has been in prison for the past years. What was you thinking Bookie? This is a terrible thing. She signed him out on a weekend pass and he does this.

  • bknyny1979 Nov 22, 2010

    he killed his brother in the past and was only charged with manslaughter? For some reason I think 4 months in jail was not enough time to rehabilitate and work through the psychological issues he had. A killer is still a killer despite what its labeled as! MURDER is MURDER! May peace be with the victims family especially her young impressionable son.