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Wake school bus driver accused of slapping student resigns

Posted November 17, 2010

— A Wake County school bus driver accused of slapping a student resigned on Wednesday, school district spokesman Michael Evans said. 

Ashkenaz Gill, 38, had been suspended with pay, pending the results of internal and criminal investigations. 

Mark Tourscher said his 5-year-old son, Cory, and another child were playing on a bus from Wendell Elementary School on Nov. 5 when the driver hit Cory. 

Cory has dyspraxia, a neurological condition that affects speech and motor skills, his father says, and his capacity to understand and learn is that of a 3-year-old.

Gill disputes the accusation, saying he has children with special needs of his own and that he would never hit a child.

Gill had been a bus driver for the district for two years, Evans said. 


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  • outback1967 Nov 18, 2010

    "or mispell every other word ending in "e" or "g". ie;peeple,know what i'm sayin',
    Click to view my profile e2brtus
    heck yea!! give it to them!!!

  • stephalford Nov 18, 2010

    lol e2brtus!!! and chaotic!!

  • e2brtus Nov 18, 2010

    i've been blocked three times today...i did not use foul language nor did i try to incite anyone...just stated what i have seen and related my own experience relative to the issue...maybe i should change my name to "lilywhitefatman" and see if my comments will be posted...or mispell every other word ending in "e" or "g". ie;peeple,know what i'm sayin',

  • stephalford Nov 18, 2010

    i have a special needs child and i was a single mother for the early years of his life. i had no choice but to work. and he deserved to ride the bus...and had to ride the bus. there was an assistant on the bus and no one ever slapped him. these drivers know the responsibilty they have. granted we dont have a video to prove anything, and this driver may not have slapped this child, but if he or she did, they were wrong!

  • chaotickitty82 Nov 18, 2010

    Wow....either I'm being blocked, or they're just REAAAALLLLY slow at updating comments today....

    I had said earlier that its strange how so many comments get blocked but having a profile name like b___hpwned is ok.....

  • mbwilliams83 Nov 18, 2010

    and to babbleon............well said. dont have a special needs children, but have seen friends with them. and they are very loved and taken care of. not sayin that all are. people are so quick to judge

  • mbwilliams83 Nov 18, 2010

    Know what I think? That a 5 yr. old shouldn't be riding a school bus in the first darn place. If the job is more important than your child you should turn the child over to someone else. For good. Waiting for my Tax Increase

    that was just an ignorant comment!! celli...i agree 110% with you. "waiting" some people have to be at work early and dont get off til 5pm. my brother and i both rode the bus at that age. after my father died my mother had to take a job worth having that paid decent and she made sacrifices and one of them being she wasnt able to take us to school or pick us up from school. its called being an adult.

  • stephalford Nov 18, 2010

    well said babbleon...

  • pwned Nov 18, 2010

    "Why is the bus driver responsible for what goes on behind his head...he busy trying to keep the bus on the road so he can get the children home safely."

    LMAO There are way too many drivers who do it for a JOB...not because they care about the safety of the kids. So far this school year I personally have seen & REPORTED 8 bus drivers who I saw doing things from on a cell phone, running a red light as they turned left across traffic & speeding.

    If a driver doesn't want to have to watch the kids then they need to get another job.

  • common_sense_plz Nov 18, 2010

    Ok, so if in class these special needs students usually have 2 teachers, so I am wondering why they do not add and adult to the bus to help with behavior problems on this bus, and actually all other busses. It is real easy for students to gang up and say the driver did this. Since we now live in a society of "victims", it may not be a bad idea, but then again the county cannot aford that because the board is too busy defending it self against the revrend, and hundreds of thousands is spent every year to buss kids across the county. OH, well maybe cameras, no that too cost money, I guess it is up the buss driver to equip the bus to protect his/herself.