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Pair pleads guilty to beating elderly Robeson woman

Posted November 17, 2010

— Two teenagers who nearly beat an 80-year-old Robeson County woman to death last year have been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to the crime, authorities said.

A Highway Patrol trooper found Lola Nye lying on the hallway floor in her Orrum home on Feb. 15, 2009, amid shattered glass and spattered blood. She suffered broken bones, deep cuts, major head trauma and lingering anxiety.

Montrexe Daytoria Blue, 17, of Orrum, and Quantrius Townsend, 15, of Whiteville, pleaded guilty Monday to attempted first-degree murder, breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, larceny of a motor vehicle and conspiracy to commit larceny.

Investigators said the teens beat Nye to steal her car. The state trooper found the vehicle abandoned in a swamp 3 miles from Nye's home, which prompted him to check on her.

Authorities arrested Blue and Townsend after seeing video from Orrum Middle School's surveillance camera, which is across the street from Nye's house.

Townsend was initially charged as a juvenile because he was 14 at the time of the crime, but his case was later transferred to Superior Court. That means he will serve his sentence in a youthful offender program in the adult prison system, officials said.

Superior Court Judge James Ammons sentenced Blue and Townsend to 15 to 19 years in prison for attempted murder and assault. He also handed down separate six- to eight-month sentences for breaking and entering and the larceny charges.

Nye has no recollection of the beating, according to her daughter, Ruth Ann Struble. She has been living with Struble in Raleigh since recovering from her injuries.


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  • wildcat Nov 18, 2010

    The courts made a decision of 16 years + for these two. Whether they will be out in 3 years will depend on their actions in prison.

  • sarahsoandso Nov 17, 2010

    Just watch "at least 15 years in prison" turn into 3 years. Thanks a bunch, injustice system.

  • simmian72 Nov 17, 2010

    Serendipity knows what Im talking about. Thank You.

  • chaotickitty82 Nov 17, 2010

    These ethnic kids are causing troubles because of a society that promotes fatherless upbringings... we as a society are to blame. --- Mugu

    The "daddy doesn't love me" excuse is getting so old. You can only blame your parents so much for the things you do as a child, and as an adult. At some point you have to accept responsibility for your own actions.

  • RB-1 Nov 17, 2010

    wildcat - "if it is not a race issues, lets not make it one and learn to get along with one another."

    It is a veiled reverse race issue, and should be dealt with.

    The next time Jesse and William come to a town crying, they should be sent packing - because they don't defend all.

  • RB-1 Nov 17, 2010

    wildcat - "your input means nothing."

    Nor does yours.

  • simmian72 Nov 17, 2010

    wildcat...if you dont know the difference between a good parent and a bad parent then guess which one you are?? or would be.

  • wildcat Nov 17, 2010

    what is really a good parent vs a bad parent. remember no one is perfect.

  • wildcat Nov 17, 2010

    thanks to the detectives who worked until these teenagers were found and arrested and now are in prison. thanks

  • rissadenae86 Nov 17, 2010

    I don't think this was a hate crime at all, I think that they chose an easy target and thought they would get away with it because she was a weak old lady. They probably scoped her place out before and knew how old she was and that it would be easy to beat her up and steal her car.