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Pawn shop murder suspects back in Fayetteville

Posted November 12, 2010

— Two suspects charged in the fatal shooting of a pawn shop clerk last weekend were extradited from Washington, D.C., to North Carolina on Friday.

Cedric Theodis Hobbs Jr., 29, and Alexis Mattocks, 20, are charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in the death of Kyle Harris.

Fayetteville police say Harris, 19, was working at Cumberland Pawn Shop last Saturday when Hobbs and Mattocks robbed the store, shot Harris and stole his car.

Investigators believe Hobbs and Mattocks went to the store because they were in need of a car after the SUV they were driving broke down.

The pair was arrested in Washington hours later, and Fayetteville investigators say Hobbs confessed to the killing, as well as to a homicide in McDuffie County, Ga.

Rondriako Burnett, 22, was found Saturday morning along a road about 30 miles west of Augusta, Ga., and the SUV Hobbs and Mattocks were in belonged to him, investigators said.

Al Reeves, an investigator with the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office, said Friday that it appears the weapon in Harris’ death was the same one used to shoot Bennett in the face.

Hobbs and Mattocks are expected to remain at the Cumberland County Detention Center until trial. They will be tried first in North Carolina because the state was the first to extradite them.

Both are expected to make their first court appearance Monday.

Pawn shop slaying suspects in N.C. custody Pawn shop slaying suspects in N.C. custody

Fayetteville police said Hobbs and Mattocks had their 9-month-old child with them at the time of Harris’ death. Other family members are caring for the child now, authorities said.

Harris was a sophomore sociology student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Friends said he had wanted to go to law school and had been working at the pawn shop on weekends to help pay his way through school.


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  • jfc4419 Nov 12, 2010

    Unfortunately N.C. has put the brakes on the death penalty and executions like many of the states that still have it. Too bad that N.C. did away with Ol Snuffy (The Gas Chamber)so murderers can at least suffer some discomfort. Even if these two receive the D.P. they will probably die of old age in prison.

  • ghimmy51 Nov 12, 2010

    This was one block from my home. It could have been me, my wife or anyone I know. Those people need to be out of this world.

  • NotAgain Nov 12, 2010

    No need to ask why. There is no valid response. Get this to trial quickly. If these are the 2 that did it, put them away.

  • mikeyj Nov 12, 2010

    1" hemp and a 12' drop. Saturday morning hangin's at city hall. DONE DEAL! yeah, I'd take my kids and a bologna sandwich. Crime would drop.

  • tritonlm6 Nov 12, 2010

    Bring back the electric chair is right. Let's start frying these pieces of feces.

  • LuvMyLife Nov 12, 2010

    Fry em! This boy was working part time to help pay for his education to make something out of his life and here come these 2 and in a quick second they took it all away. Need to do something so crime doesn't look so nice. Hobbs and Mattocks will get life (if that) and continue to be a drain on society.

  • pamelaworley1969 Nov 12, 2010

    bring back the electric chair,,, people like this dont deserve to breathe as for something being humane, well you gotta be human for it to be humane !!!!

  • 68_dodge_polara Nov 12, 2010

    They we just desperate.

  • Card Player Nov 12, 2010

    This is why we must fully utilize the death penalty. Start sticking needles in these loser's arms and the next one may think twice about killing someone for no reason. Instead of slowing it down, we should implement an express lane when it's cut and dried.

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Nov 12, 2010

    I second V-TWIN's motion!