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Happy homecoming ends twins' ordeal

Posted November 10, 2010

— Balloons and banners welcomed Susan Boggs and her 7-year-old twins home to Erwin Wednesday evening.

Twins' tale has happy ending Twins' tale has happy ending

"Today has been the most beautiful day in the world," said grandmother Judy Boggs. "They're just gorgeous."

Alyssa Ann Allen and Alex James Allen were reported missing Nov. 1 after their father failed to return them from a scheduled visit.

"They chanted the whole way home how they wanted to come home," Boggs said of her children.

"It feels great to be home," Alex said.

The children's father, Alvin Allen, 49, was caught with them near the Florida-Georgia state line on Tuesday after a multi-state search.

Police said a Georgia state trooper spotted Allen's vehicle on southbound Interstate 95. Allen was wanted on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and neglect for taking the children without their asthma medication.

A judge on Wednesday granted an order allowing Boggs to regain custody of Alyssa and Alex and return to Erwin.

"I'm so thankful for all the prayers and the good lord taking care of those babies," the twins' grandmother Judy Boggs said Wednesday. 

The twins' brother, Aaron Allen, 15, said the stress of not knowing where the children were caused his mother not to eat.

Boggs said she and Alvin Allen were scheduled to go to court next week for a custody hearing, even before he disappeared with the children. She currently has temporary custody of the children. 

"So many days of not knowing – of not knowing where they were, what was happening to them or what was going on – But they are home now and everybody is happy," she said.


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  • Social WorkerIII Nov 12, 2010

    Please tell me how you can kidnap your own kids with no court order sweety... Please state FACTS if you are going to try and make a point with me... They man WAS NOT charged with kidnapping anyone, bc its just NOT possible with NO court order! So lets move on... I beleive you are reading what you want to read... NEVER did i mention that it was ok to do... You NEVER heard me blame the mother for anything. Can we discuss the Non existent court order at the time. If there is no court order then neither parent has control over who they should be with. I never said he WAS taking the kids to disney world nor being a good father. I am saying that this doesnt make him a BAD father. He may just be passionate about his children and may have been acting purely out or LOVE for his kids. IT JUST MIGHT BE POSSIBLE. Im not saying that is the case but possibly so. Just seems funny how you all judge ppl so quickly. You dont know what his motives were nor do I. So instead of us being ignorant and condem

  • serious Nov 12, 2010

    By the way, don't forget he IS being charged with kidnapping. what he did was agaisnt the law. So no, the man cannot do whatever he wants with his kids.

  • serious Nov 12, 2010

    socialworkerIII- You are what's wrong with social services. Now I have a better understanding of why social services allows so many screwed up things to happen to children before anything is done. Your reasoning is beyond belief for someone who is in this line of work. Custody does not even matter in this case when the father INTENTIONALLY kept the kids from their mother. He didnt plan some disney trip and was just being a good father. He did not tell the mother where they were. He quit his job and packed up ALL his belongings. Obviously he was not planning on returning with the children any time soon. It would be different if he had ARRANGED for the children to be gone for a certain period of time, then ok, he can take them wherever he wants. The bottom line is, he left the mother with the belief that the children would be back in 3 hours. They were gone for more than a week. She didnt know where the were, or if they were ok or when or even IF they were coming back. How is that ok???

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 11, 2010

    "...I dont care if he had them for 3hrs and one minute, that doesnt mean he put his kids in danger nor that he wasnt acting in their best interest."
    Social WorkerIII

    He had them for at least a week, so I don't get your point. Do you by any chance work in Fayetteville?

  • pax2U Nov 11, 2010

    Wonder whether the kids missed school while dad took them on his frolic?

  • Social WorkerIII Nov 11, 2010

    Yeah clearly its JUST YOU... lol Im sure my attitude (if i had one) could be part of the problem. But, "Itsmyownopinion"(pun intended) and im entitled to it. My work as a Social Worker teaches me not to take things at face value... So there is always more to the story but the media feeds us what they want. You may see man takes his kids without informing their mother but i dig deeper. What risk were the children at WITH THEIR FATHER? No Court order means neither parents has full custody. So no i dont agree with how it was done but the man can do what he wants with his kids. If he felt like going to disney world that day, then his kids mother had no authority to stop it leagally! This happens ALL the time btw. I dont care if he had them for 3hrs and one minute, that doesnt mean he put his kids in danger nor that he wasnt acting in their best interest.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 11, 2010

    You're assuming. They both just said in interviews that they were happy/glad to be home with their mother.

    "It was a joke "Itsmyownopinion" lol lighten up... Theyre home now... clap Clap Bravo... NEXT!!!!"
    Social WorkerIII

    If you're a real "social worker" it appears to me that an attitude like yours could be part of the problem. I just don't see the humor in children being put at risk by anyone who can take charge of them, but that's just me.

  • monkeyboy Nov 11, 2010

    "Happy homecoming ends twins' ordeal"

    hey wral, you need to change that headline to 'Happy homecoming ends MOM's ordeal'. it's doubtful the kids even knew they were 'abducted'; they just knew they were hanging with dad. they look none the worse for wear in those pics...

  • monkeyboy Nov 11, 2010

    "MillerB, there are some folks who post here who hate women and so they take every chance they get to attack the women in the stories. They don't need facts because facts just get in the way of their personal agendas." - rescuefan

    lol. take the 'wo's out of your statement and you have another that is equally (if not more) true. a lot of those folk have posts here to that end already.

  • delilahk2000 Nov 11, 2010