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Investigators continue search in disappearance of Hickory girl

Posted November 9, 2010

— Investigators searching for a missing Hickory girl were checking a wooded area in the Patterson community along Indian Grave Road in Caldwell County on Tuesday, WBTV reported.

Police said they received a tip that led them to the search area about 10 miles north of where 10-year-old Zahra Baker’s prosthetic leg was found last week. The area is also about 20 miles north of the Bakers' Hickory home.

Police said they found something during Tuesday’s search that they are taking a closer look at, but would not say what it was.

Zahra's father, Adam Baker, reported her missing Oct. 9. Authorities have said they believe the girl is dead. No one has been charged in her disappearance.

Zahra's stepmother, Elisa Baker, has been jailed on an obstruction of justice charge since the weekend Zahra disappeared. Police said she admitted writing a fake ransom note found at the scene of a fire in the family's backyard the same day Zahra was reported missing.


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  • itsmyownopinion Nov 11, 2010


    According to unnamed source, human remains have been found and sent to lab for identification.

  • shortcake53 Nov 10, 2010

    Investigators have gone door to door in this new search area asking residents if their pets have brought home any unusual looking bones lately. Authorities are speculating that this beautiful little girl was dismembered and scattered in several different areas, in hopes of covering up the crime. And both stepmommy and daddy had a hand in the scattering, because both of their vehicles had been hit on by cadaver dogs. Such a disturbing story, and beyond sad.

  • shortcake53 Nov 10, 2010

    Police said they were keeping the results of the bone test "close to the vest", but also said it has become a key piece of evidence. Both the "parents" of this little girl need to be locked away forever. They dont deserve to breathe the same air we do. My info comes from HLN, by the way.

  • derrick10887 Nov 10, 2010

    Yea, what about the bone that was found..nothing else has been said about that. How can you not know that your child is missing? I think the father and stepmother know exactly what happened to this child. They need to be treated the same way that this child was treated.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 10, 2010

    I cannot get over Adam Baker's 911 call, just not normal for a parent whose child had just gone missing. I didn't know about his logging on to his Face-book account, but he could be doing that from anywhere I suppose. I believe Kyron Horman's stepmother also kept up with her Face-book account right after his disappearance.

  • Scubagirl Nov 10, 2010

    Still don't get why dad not charged yet....He HAD to know something, step-mom can't be the only one withholding info.

  • akgibson20 Nov 10, 2010

    itsmyownopinion I hope they do have him under surveillance because sooner or later he will slip up. I have to wonder about his myspace account, he logs in regularly and I wonder if, since he's not going to "visit" Elisa in jail if that's how they are communicating via another family member, like maybe her son. For some reason that bugs me that he logs in, if my child were missing under these circumstances I don't think I'd be logging into anything. I also thought they took the computers from their house so whose is he using?? I also know there was some talk of a 3rd car, well the profile pic is of a redone car, green and black.

  • autonomous173 Nov 10, 2010

    I'm not a lawyer but I think they use the plea deal to get at the truth. THey offer some kind of benefit if someone like the dad or stepmom provides information that could lead to finding the girl. It sounds like a crooked system but to get at the truth they may have to do this. Then they have to honor the deal. Maybe someone that know the system can comment.

  • krazykristie06 Nov 10, 2010

    So what about the bone that was found??? Was it hers or not?

  • kikinc Nov 10, 2010

    This story makes my stomach turn. It takes a real monster to hurt a child. A real monster who's an absolute coward. There's not enough punishment for those types of people.

    sillywabbit-I agree. Too many plea deals going around. I really wonder what's wrong with people. With all these plea deals that have been going around, people commit a crime, and think it's okay because they can do a little time. What's 10 years? I can do, and then I'll get out, go back to my family, and all will be well with the world. What kind of deterrent is that? What I really don't understand is why people would justify ANY type of jail time. I mean, the thought of spending even a NIGHT in jail scares me to death. That's why I keep myself clean.