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911 calls released in pawn shop shooting

Posted November 8, 2010
Updated November 9, 2010

— A witness reported seeing two people run out of a Fayetteville pawn shop Saturday after a store clerk there was shot and killed.

“It seems like some people just went in and stole something and took off running – speeding in their car,” the witness said in a 911 call released Monday.

“I can tell they stole something, because they were just running really fast, and they got into the car and just sped off,” she added.

Police said Kyle Harris, 19, was working at Cumberland Pawn Shop, at 713 Grove St. Saturday, when he was shot and killed around 5:30 p.m.

Two people, Cedric Theodis Hobbs Jr., 29, and Alexis Mattocks, 20, were arrested several hours later in Washington, D.C., and charged in the case.

Investigators have said the crime was random and that Hobbs and Mattocks likely went to the store because they were in need of a car after the SUV they were driving broke down. They fled the crime scene in Harris’ silver Saturn Ion.

In a second call released Monday, a store employee told a 911 operator that he ran out the back of the pawn shop to a neighboring beauty supply store to call police.

“We just got robbed,” the caller said. “Somebody came in with a gun and shot one of our employees.”

Friends said Harris, a 2009 graduate of Cape Fear High School, had been working at the pawn shop for more than a year to save money to go to school.

Cumberland Pawn Shop 911 calls released in pawn shop shooting

He was a sophomore sociology student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Chancellor Linda Brady said in a news release Monday.

Friends said he often worked at the Fayetteville store on the weekends to help pay his way through school and to look after his mother.

He hoped to go on to law school.

“He was confident, articulate, inquisitive – the kind of student professors hope to have in their classes,” his sociology professor, Jenifer Hamil-Luker, said in a statement. “The last time I spoke with Kyle, before he headed off for a tour of law schools, we talked about his ambition to work in the criminal justice system.

“It pains me greatly that, instead of becoming a champion for justice, as he aspired to be, Kyle was a victim of a senseless, violent, cruel act that took him away much too soon,” she continued.

Hobbs and Mattocks, who are also wanted for questioning in a death investigation in Georgia, are still in Washington, D.C., awaiting extradition back to North Carolina.

They are charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, second-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Fayetteville police who questioned Hobbs said he confessed to the shooting and to another shooting in Georgia. Mattocks was not talking, authorities said.

McDuffie County, Ga., investigators plan to interview the two later this week about the death of Rondriako Burnett, 22, who was found along a road Saturday morning.


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  • chaotickitty82 Nov 9, 2010

    Poor Kyle Harris, had his whole life ahead of him. Wanted to make a difference by pursuing a career in criminal justice. Instead his life was taken by pond scum, who will never make a positive contribution to society.....

  • chaotickitty82 Nov 9, 2010

    rargos - "This is what happens when over 40% of the children in this country (and over 70% of black children) are born to unwed mothers."

    They're are some races that seem to deem fathers important only for one thing.

    I'm surprised the males in those races don't realize that and man up and prove them wrong.

    God bless.



    People with that mentality should not have children. If you can't see a person as someone you can rely on and spend the rest of your life with, you sure as hell shouldn't have children by them....

    Its too bad we can't weed out the people who are unfit to be parents before they reproduce. The world would be a much better place.

  • kbrianf Nov 9, 2010

    Suddenly I feel awful for having allowed myself to get caught up in and to have participated in all this back and forth. My deepest condolences to the family of the young man who lost his life. This is a sad event for all involved.

  • kbrianf Nov 9, 2010

    Spirit Warrior Woman Rev. RB's comments surprise me.

  • kbrianf Nov 9, 2010

    VICTIM/ High school graduate working weekends so that he could afford to attend UNCG and and become a productive member of society. SUSPECTS/ Probably did not graduate high school and have never held a job. Receiving section 8 housing assistance, food stamps, medicaid and a monthly check for the 9 month old child. This is the result of President Lyndon Johnson's GREAT SOCIETY. If you arn't familiar with Johnson's GREAT SOCIETY, look it up on Wikipedia.

    So, I did. And here's what it said: "The Great Society was a set of domestic programs proposed or enacted in the United States on the initiative of President Lyndon B. Johnson. . . . While some of the programs have been eliminated or had their funding reduced, many of them. . . continue to the present. The Great Society's programs expanded under the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford."

    Huh. Well waddya know? Both sides are to blame. Go figure. . . .

  • kbrianf Nov 9, 2010

    LegalLady - I hear you loud and clear and I wish I could speak my mind frankly too.

    Agree with other commenters about the hopelessly failed Great Society. Didn't turn out so great, did it?

    And just for grins, let's hear from some libs: what would you say to the dead kid's family and friends to convince them that these two poor oppressed victims of society deserve not only to live, but to be fed, clothed and housed via the dead kid's family and friends' taxes for the rest of their lives?

    Read that again, please. Not "what would you say to me" for daring to ask you an inconvenient question, but "what would you say to the survivors?"

    Honestly, I don't know what I'd say. What would you say?

  • kbrianf Nov 9, 2010

    I don't think our Founding Fathers would recognize ANYTHING about the country we have become in the last half century.

  • WhitePony Nov 9, 2010

    You're right, Anne. The founding fathers had no idea that GUNS would ever be used to SHOOT PEOPLE. I bet they also didn't figure on anyone publishing sarcasm on the internet. We should repeal the First Amendment too, just to be safe!!

  • anne53ozzy Nov 9, 2010

    I do not think those who drafted the Second Amendment foresaw a day when acts of gun violence would headline the news daily in this country. In addtion, it was written in a historical context that is not relevant today.

  • SO LOW Nov 9, 2010

    This is so sad! To think these monsters just drove all over the country to rob, kill and steal! This kid was doing the right thing and got killed for doing it.

    All jokes aside, I will kill anyone that I deem threatening and not think twice about it!