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Woman hit with shovel while trying to thwart Chapel Hill robbery

Posted November 5, 2010

— A woman who was robbed in Chapel Hill on Friday afternoon tried to stop the thief by jumping into the back of his pickup, only to be hit with a shovel, police said.

The robbery occurred at about 12:20 p.m. outside the State Employees Credit Union at 110 S. Elliott Road, police said.

A man driving a black Chevrolet S-10 pickup grabbed a 21-year-old woman's wallet and drove off, police said. She chased after him in her car along Fordham Road and was able to get in the truck bed at a stop light on N.C. Highway 54.

The robber drove for a short distance before stopping, and he then tried to get the woman out of the pickup, police said. During the struggle, he hit the woman on the head with the back of a shovel.

He was last seen heading toward Durham on Barbee Chapel Road.

He was described as a black man in his mid 30s, 5-foot-9 and 250 pounds. He was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a black flight jacket.

Robbery (Money) Woman hit with shovel in Chapel Hill robbery

The woman, whose identity hasn't been released, was taken to UNC Hospitals for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-968-2760 or Crime Stoppers at 919-942-7515.


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  • serious Nov 8, 2010

    She followed behind long enough, it would be a shame if she did all that and didn't even get the plate number.

  • whatusay Nov 8, 2010

    Did she get the license number?

  • tarheelfan41 Nov 5, 2010

    Can someone please tell me what this woman was thinking....LOL she better be glad he got away with nothing more than her purse!!!

    My guess is she was thinking..."I workeds too dang hard for my money to let this dirtbag just come up and take it. Mortgage is due and the groceries must be bought and I'll be dang if this fool is going to take my family's money!

    My thought would be....Bang! Anyone else wanna try???

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 5, 2010

    This was a crazy move on her part. I hope he's caught and sentenced.

  • Tax Man Nov 5, 2010

    This is why you have a concealed carry permit. This punk would have been a dead punk if this poor woman had only been legally armed. I sure hope they catch him and allow her to use a shovel on him! In any event this calls for a sentence of at least 25 years for the robbery and assault with a deadly weapon - this punk should never walk the streets again - hope karma catches up with him!

  • Justin T. Nov 5, 2010

    I just want to be the first person to say that if she had a legally registered shovel on her... this wouldn't have happened. With a little luck my proposed constitutional "right to bear shovels" amendment will pass in 2012.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Nov 5, 2010


    I'm sure you're right. How sad we live in a Country that you can't just protect yourself! Criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens!

    I once heard of a person who, in the process of robbing a house, fell through the sky light. He got hurt and SUED the victims. He won! It's just not right. I say, stand up and protect yourself! On anyone elses property, the law is the law and I follow it. On OUR property, it's OUR law! Hope nobody comes here! LOL! :-)


  • doubletrouble Nov 5, 2010

    Beth - "And, one more thing: I wish she had pulled out a gun and shot and killed this man, the nano-second he attempted to rob her."

    I agree...and she would have done society a justice, and you're right, there is a law in NC that protects the dirt-bag. If she had gotten his plate number, and if they caught him...he'd be out before the officer could fill out the paperwork. Go to court, a few months of probation--and he's back on the streets.

  • risteveh Nov 5, 2010

    Funny thing is you never hear of those punk oxygen wasters from Durham pulling stuff like this in Johnston County, they must know that they would get there hindsides beat to death by a JoCo girl who would then use the shovel to make sure no one ever would hear from them again. They would be so lucky just to be shot.

  • j-lo93 Nov 5, 2010

    we're not gonna take it...NO...we ain't gonna take it...we're not gonna take it- ANYMORE~~~