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Two arrested after man's burned body found in woods

Posted November 3, 2010

— The Harnett County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that two men have been arrested and charged in the death of Jeffrey Thomas Lynn, 35, whose burned body was found in some woods off Alex Ryan Lane in Spring Lake.

Stevie Eric Ryan Jr., 19, of 234 Meadowcroft Drive in Fayetteville, is charged with first-degree murder, concealing/failing to report a death, two counts of burglary, two counts of breaking and entering a building, two counts of larceny and two counts of possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Jesse Lee Wiseman, 18, of 195 Lakeview Drive in Spring Lake, is charged with accessory after the fact to murder, concealing/failing to report a death, breaking and entering, larceny and possession of stolen property.

Both men were being held without bond.

The sheriff's office said Lynn's family last saw him Oct. 29 and reported him missing Monday. His vehicle and an ATV were also missing.

On Tuesday, sheriff’s authorities received a call about human remains about 5 miles from Lynn's house. They determined that the remains belonged to Lynn and were burned "in an attempt to conceal the death," Sheriff Larry Rollins said.

"Our investigation has also revealed that Mr. Lynn was killed at his residence late Friday evening, that the suspects stole Mr. Lynn’s vehicle and ATV (and that) the body was burned behind the victim’s residence and transported to Alex Ryan Lane and concealed," Rollins said.

Authorities recovered Lynn's vehicle and ATV on Tuesday at Ryan's house, according to authorities. Lynn's body was sent to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy.


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  • hisonlyhope Nov 12, 2010

    My heart goes out to the Fiance. She did not deserve to go through any of this and I will not sit here and read about some people saying she had some sort of part. She is a good person heart and soul. She would NEVER allow anything like this in her life. This was as much of a shock to her as it was to other people. I give my love and warmth to the family and friends of the victim. The worst thing in this world is to lose someone you love and no one deserves that kind of pain. I am terribly sorry for your loss. And yes, there is crime everywhere. People die every day because of someone else's greed, anger, or some sick obssession. These two boys will get whatever they deserve when the time comes for their court date. I honestly hope they rot in jail. They deserve to live every single day in a cell and remember exactly what they did. I do not wish them death. I think that is too kind. They made their decision. No one else taught them or made them think differently.

  • hunt36 Nov 9, 2010


  • hunt36 Nov 8, 2010

    I STILL STAND BY WHAT I SAY NOT THE PARENTS THE INDIVIDUAL!! I do know the family but not the waterheads that did this part of my family lives in olde farm and i when i grew up remember Cricket when she ran the store - SO THERE!!

  • fuchsava2 Nov 5, 2010

    Does anyone know about funeral plans. Please post if you do. thanks

  • michellewillard69 Nov 5, 2010

    these two and their parents need to be put away! u can see they wasn't raised right!
    For Whoever said that You should really watch wat you say!! you dont kno these people to even say they all need to be put away..UNTILL SOMETHING THIS TRAGIC hAPPENEDS TO yOU AND YOUR FAMILY I WOULD KEE My SHUT mY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THE FAMILYS'S INVOLVED GOD BLESS YOU!!

  • crustyhalo Nov 5, 2010

    Ever hear the expression about little kids.... "They're so cute,I could just eat em up" well...somebody should have !

  • hunt36 Nov 5, 2010

    melissa28 incase you don't know if you take away guns only the crimminals will have them guns don't kill people people kill people-with knives,hammers, screwdrivers and other tools want to get rid of them too?? The only ones who do know WHAT WENT ON THAT DAY (2 WILL NOT SAY AND 1 CAN'T SAY!!) AUG1199 I AM FROM THAT ARE AND DO NOT KNOW EVEN ONE OF THEM BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT NO MATTER HOW THEY WERE RAISED THIER PARENTS DID NOT TELL THEM TO KILL PEOPLE!That is bull---- that people use when they get in trouble to put the blame elsewhere ecept on them.

  • grab-a-gift.com Nov 4, 2010

    i'm no doctor but i have read that sociopaths are born and made depends on who you ask. but this kid is obviously a sociopath.you know the type that cuts you in pieces then sits down to dinner without washing his hands. my thoughts and prayers go out to the family's of both.this is a sad thing to have happen to anybody's family.at the risk of sounding like my dad i think video games and T.V. have desensitized our youth.just about every game has some type of killing in it and they play for hours everyday.death is just a game to them

  • melissina28 Nov 4, 2010

    His fiancee did ask questions! Dont you dare sit there and say that she knew. Hes a murderer and an obviously very accomplished liar. His Fiance had nothing to do with this. So what if his parents were friends. Friendship obviously had no hold in either of their minds. Blame whomever you wish but do not blame the Fiance.

  • liltinki24 Nov 4, 2010

    I have known Jeff for about 6 years now and i also know Eric and his family. Jeff was a very easy going person who wouldn't ever have hurt anyone. I remember many times with Jeff and mutual friends. He knew Eric really well and had sometime provided him with work. Jeff and Eric's parents have been best friends for many years 20+!!! No one would have expected this to happen. Eric's parents have nothing do with his actions. They are good people and i am proud to call them friends. They raised that boy as best as they could he grew up to be his OWN person! No one has the right to blame them for his personal actions he wasn't raised this way!!! We will always remember Jeff as a great friend and hard worker! He was loved by many and will be missed! As for Eric he will be punished for what he has done and everyone who truly knows him believes he deserves the worst possible punishment available! Rest in Peace Jeff one day all of us will see you again!