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Woman pleads guilty to grabbing infant from Duke hospital

Posted October 28, 2010
Updated October 29, 2010

— A Louisburg woman has been placed on probation after pleading guilty to trying to abduct a newborn from the Duke University Hospital nursery six months ago.

Tanisha Weaver, 29, of 18 Shannon Road, pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of abduction of children. She was sentenced to 12 to 15 months in prison, which was suspended to three years of intensive probation.

Duke University Hospital officials said a woman tried to take a newborn from her mother's room on April 19. Hospital staff recognized that the woman wasn't authorized to take the child, called police and detained her until investigators arrived, officials said.

Weaver initially indicated to investigators that she tried to steal the newborn for money or to settle a debt. Police later determined that money wasn't a motive for the crime.

Authorities said Weaver had also planned to abduct an infant from Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson.

A woman matching her description was acting suspiciously in the hospital on April 17, officials said. The woman, who was dressed in surgical scrubs, passed herself off as a nursing student and was asking questions about the maternity ward, they said.

The woman was later seen leaving the hospital with two unidentified people.

Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens ordered Weaver to get mental health evaluations and not to contact the mother of the child or anyone in the mother's family.

Weaver also must register as a sex offender. Under state law, anyone convicted of abducting a child is required to register.

Last month, Weaver was sentenced to 60 days in jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

Louisburg police said she placed an online advertisement soliciting pregnant women for a calendar. When one woman tried to back out of participating in the calendar, Weaver pulled a knife on her, police said.


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  • Go Figure Oct 29, 2010

    I have another question, why is this not being tried in Durham County seeing as that is where Dook is.

  • Go Figure Oct 29, 2010

    I want to know WHY this woman is allowed to walk the streets. Probation????? Slap on the wrist so she can turn around and do it again.

  • Eduardo1 Oct 29, 2010

    singityrara.are you in the twilight zone? I guess you feel that they should do the same thing to the Ft Hood murderer! give him probation, and if he does it again, then be firmer with him.WOW!!!
    tarheelpatriot. thankfully, you have your head properly placed on your shoulder. These Judges & Da's, should have there names included in the news articles, so that WE THE VOTERS can Judge them come election time.

    This perp, typifies a Judge who is out of control. Probation=what?
    Way to go Tom Morrow.and if you caught the same Judhe, you would only get probation

  • kaiwuansmom Oct 29, 2010

    Stunned that we keep releasing people capable of violent crimes back into society all so that they can do it again. So chances are she will do this again considering this was her second attempt. She will probably succeed and then we will all be scratching our heads wondering how it happened. People have to be held accountable for their actions.
    Hate to say this but, I'm sure she will be in the news again real soon.
    By the way, why did she have to register as a sex offender??? None of her crimes indicated anything of a sexual nature. So we dont punish the criminals, we simply mislabel them.......Vote people

  • tarheelpatriot Oct 29, 2010

    WRAL....please begin to tell us what prosecutors & judges are agreeing to these reduced sentences... We need to know how to vote..
    This lady pulls knives on people & kidnaps infants and she gets a slap on the wrist...
    In other reports we see 6 X repeat DUI offenders with 20 total arrests killing people ...We need to know the judges involved in not putting these people away...

  • singityrara Oct 29, 2010

    * prosecuted.

  • singityrara Oct 29, 2010

    Davido, if she registers as a sex offender it may limit the contact she can have with children and allow for her to FIRMLY procecuted if she ever tried something so terrible again!

  • Tom Morrow Oct 29, 2010

    If she had tried to steal my child and I saw/caught her, she would not have made it to court. At least not until after an extensive stay in ICU...

  • diamondintherough Oct 29, 2010

    This woman tried to abduct a newborn as well as another one and pulled a knife on a woman and only received probation? Apparently she is mentally unstable and should be confined until an intense psychiatric evaluation is performed, then place her in jail with a treatment plan. Good point, Ol Forrester!

  • makeitright Oct 29, 2010

    as I said before.. kidknapping, rape, murder, ID theft should all carry a death penalty.. This Judge should be off the bench and slapped big time for such a disregard of common sense.