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Roanoke Rapids man faces dog fighting charges

Posted October 27, 2010
Updated October 28, 2010

— Police arrested a Roanoke Rapids man last week on dog fighting and animal cruelty charges after finding a dead puppy and nearly 30 pit bulls chained in his back yard.

Calvin Champion, 24, of 238 Maria Ave., was charged with four felony counts of animal cruelty, three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and two felony counts of dog fighting.

He was out of jail Wednesday on a $25,000 bond.

Police said they were investigating reports of drug activity when they found the dogs, many of which were malnourished, and items commonly used for fighting dogs.

Roanoke Rapids accused of dog fighting Roanoke Rapids man accused of dog fighting

“Once we looked at the animals, we could determine that their scarring was extensive and consistent with dog fighting,” Halifax County Animal Control Supervisor Robert Richardson said Wednesday.

Animal control seized more than a dozen of the animals, and as part of Champion’s release, he must find the animals other police-approved homes.

Champion could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Richardson said dog fighting has become more prevalent in rural areas like parts of Halifax County.


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  • iamlauraquebbemann Oct 29, 2010

    So sad and tragic. Laura Quebbemann

  • 4luvofthem Oct 29, 2010

    Very well stated and you are correct. They are wonderful animals it is the people who teach them to be fighters, and aggressors that are to blame. There are other breeds of dogs that are also trained by these illerates to be viscious. Right now all Pitties have a bullseye on there forehead. It used to be German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans and others that were labeled as viscious. It is time for the public to look at these dogs as victims which is exactly what they are in the hands of these people who fight them and abuse them.

  • nagreene Oct 29, 2010

    The laws need to be much harsher on people who commit such crimes.

  • sbh1083 Oct 29, 2010

    It is unfortunate due to irresponsible people like this pitbulls get a bad rap. Pitbulls are used as therapy dogs, sight dogs and drug sniffing dogs. Do not blame the breed blame the people who instill this hostility and hate into these precious animals.

  • sbh1083 Oct 29, 2010

    The reason why pitbulls are portrayed in such a poor manner is due to ignorant and irresponibl people like this. Pitbulls have been used as therapy dogs, sight dogs, and drug sniffing dogs. Don't blame the breed blame the people!

  • 4luvofthem Oct 29, 2010


  • 2012notobama Oct 29, 2010

    It takes a sick individual to make a dog fight another animal. It doesn't matter what breed a dog is, it will fight back if provoked. For the police to require this numb nuts to find his dogs other homes (even if they are police approved)is stupid. He should be chained up, left outside with no food or water, and made to fight for his life. Then we can see what he thinks about it. Jack wads all of them!

  • 4luvofthem Oct 29, 2010

    Hater like Darth Vader:
    It is your type of mentality that allow abuse like this to continue. I think you need to do a bit more reading and you will know that the bait dogs used in dog fighting are not always pitt bulls. Dogs are stolen everyday and used as bait dogs for these perverted so called human beings. Is it just Pitts that you hate or is it all dogs that you would will make part of your land? It is sad that you have such a hatred and that will be shared with your children and others who don't have sense enough to reason. You are a poor excuse for a human being.

  • the river rat Oct 29, 2010

    I'd mush rather spend time with my pit bull terrior than some of the DA's on golo. If the shoe fits, wear it.

  • awheywego Oct 29, 2010

    Michael Vick wannabe. Pay him millions.