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Smithfield man accused of raping, biting victim

Posted October 25, 2010

— A Smithfield man is accused of raping and biting a 22-year-old woman after breaking into her Raleigh apartment. 

Mitchell Dean Morrison, 25, of 4163 N.C. Highway 210, faces three counts of first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense and assault on a female. He is also charged with first-degree burglary, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon, according to authorities.

Morrison is accused of breaking into the victim’s apartment on Park Avenue and raping her on Sunday, according to court documents. During the attack, he is accused of holding a steak knife to her neck causing multiple lacerations, punching her in the face, slapping her and biting her neck leaving visible teeth marks.

Authorities said Morrison also held the woman against her will.

After the suspect fell asleep, the victim ran into another room to get help from her roommates. She called 911 from the bedroom of a female roommate.

In an interview with WRAL News, the victim's other roommate said he held Morrison at gunpoint until police arrived. Several times, the suspect attempted to leave, but the roommate said he told him to stay.

Man accused of raping, biting Raleigh woman Man accused of raping, biting Raleigh woman

In the 911 call released on Monday afternoon, the victim said she had gotten home from work just after 2 a.m. and went to bed. Her roommates were up watching movies.

Several hours later, the victim said she was attacked.

Though she did not know him, the victim told the dispatcher that her attacker said he knew her.

In his first court appearance on Monday, Morrison asked the judge to move him to a mental health facility at the Durham VA Medical Center. The request was an indication that he probably has a military background, prosecutors said.

A judge declined to rule on the request until Morrison has been assigned a public defender.

Morrison was being held under a $1.1 million bond in the Wake County jail on Monday. His next court appearance is Nov. 15.


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  • chaotickitty82 Oct 27, 2010

    slayerhil: "People like this need to be castrated, but we'll never see that either."

    Castrating someone will not prevent them from raping again. Rape isn't about sex, its about control. If he lost his ability to perfom sexually, he would only be angrier and find other means to violate someone. There are many things sickos could find to serve as a surrogate "manhood".

  • danunger Oct 26, 2010

    Lets see:
    1. She needs new room mates...NOW!
    2. Sorry Dad, I don't agree, lock him up, what he did goes beyond needing help. He can see a shrink in prison.
    3. The Coast Guard certainly does not put anyone in dire straits as would a combat deployment, not their fault either.
    He took something from that young girl that can never be replaced, dignity, peace of mind, sense of security, etc, now he needs to stand up and take the punishment, and lots of it.

  • chevygirl Oct 26, 2010

    I know him personally, because I am a friend of his ex-girlfriend, the one who he lived with in Smithfield. He needs help, and a lot of it. However, his mental state does not in any way excuse what he did. My brother and I disliked him from the beginning when he started dating my friend, and I hate to say it but my gut instincts about him were correct. I pray that the victim and her family can find peace and healing, and I pray the same for my dear friend who just got the shock of her life. We live in a very close knit, and slightly judgmental, community and she is going through a lot right now thanks to this creep.

  • kewlmom Oct 26, 2010

    I agree with the military service being used as an excuse. I served my country, and have the PTSD to prove it, but I don't go around harming random people.

  • ugottabkiddinme Oct 25, 2010

    this story doesnt sound quite right...how can you be so violent to someone and yet no one in the next room hears it?

  • nonemeant Oct 25, 2010

    I must add my vote to those of others who feel something like something fishy is going on here. Unless the group had the movie playing 'mighty, mighty' loud, there is no reason why this rape/attack should not have been heard.

  • Baybee Doll Oct 25, 2010

    But how did the roommates not know that any of this was going on if they were up watching movies?? They didn't even hear him breaking in?

    Something is wrong with this picture....

  • Ladybug Oct 25, 2010

    The room-mates were in the other room. Why didn't they come to her defense? This story sounds a little fishy!

  • grayboomerang Oct 25, 2010

    abc8019 Give me a break!!! I don't feel sorry for him at all. He could have checked himself into a mental hosptial if he really wanted help.

    I do send prayers to the victim.....don't have much sympathy for the "poor pitaful soul" who raped her at knife point.

  • Chauncey Oct 25, 2010

    "I know what was in his heart, he wanted to torture and rape someone, glad her roommate had a gun and he is lucky he did not use it too." - Deacons

    Well, I guess we know what is in your heart: judgement. I guess I didn't get a copy of the memo where God appointed you the Judge of Men's Hearts and Souls.