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Oxford teen to plead guilty to making online bomb threats

Posted October 18, 2010

— An Oxford teenager has agreed to plead guilty to using the Internet to make fake bomb threats to schools nationwide, according to a federal court document.

Ashton Lundeby, 17, was arrested in March 2009 on charges that he and others allowed Web gamers to pay fees to listen to and observe police responses to bomb threats.

Threats were made to numerous colleges, including Purdue University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Clemson University and Florida State University, as well as to FBI offices in Louisiana and Colorado, according to federal court records.

Lundeby last week filed a petition to plead guilty in federal court in Indiana to one count of criminal conspiracy in the case. He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on the charge.

In the petition, he admitted the group would place calls to locations covered by webcams and then broadcast the video live to as many as 300 subscribers.

His mother, Annette Lundeby, had maintained that her son was framed after he refused to call in a bomb threat to a high school in Australia. She acknowledged that he made prank phone calls on the Internet and charged a fee, but that, to her knowledge, he had never done anything illegal.

Annette Lundeby said her son was at church the night when several threats were called into Purdue in February 2009.

Ashton Lundeby, who has been in a federal juvenile detention center in Indiana since his arrest, also agreed to make restitution to the colleges for the cost of responding to the bomb threats, according to federal court records.


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  • mikeyj Oct 19, 2010

    Here here two2294. DSS a gov't entity established because of a certain % of grown ups that have beaten their kids in the name of discipline. Growwing up I learned if I was not home when dinner was served. I missed dinner. I have not starved to death. If I overrode my bicycle beyonds mom set perimeter I had my bike taken away for 3-5 days. It was not wait till my father got home either. I told my boys coming of age that if they broke something, I would rather hear it from their mouth then find out when I needed it. They were also told I WOULD NOT bail them out so they better stay outta jail. They have and I enjoy my two young men being around. Peace Mike

  • FromClayton Oct 19, 2010

    oh i remember this. the mom insists that he did not do it and even keeps up her fake alaby for him. i know you cant say someone is guilty by the way that look... and that is a very good thing for this kid.

  • ORMA Oct 19, 2010

    Accountability has to come at some point. The parents should also be held accountable for not parenting enough.

  • carolinaprincess62 Oct 19, 2010

    "Waived his right to a speedy trial"..I would say he finally decided to just plead guilty to one count so he could get out after being denied a speedy trial. He's probably already spent more time in detention than most people do for physical crimes.

  • johnmcdonough Oct 18, 2010

    "My poor son did not do anything wrong!" "He is so innocent!" "He would never do anything wrong, he is a great kid!" "When he walks in the room, the world lights up!" The feds are evil and they won't let my innocent son out!" "The govt are the ones that are wrong!" Anybody, like me just tired of these people. Tired of people making excuses and not holding their children accountable. Just so tried!

  • mulecitybabe Oct 18, 2010

    I think he needs to share a cell with the IT geniuses at the Employment Security Commission that sent out $10 mil or so of our tax money to people that weren't supposed to get it. They are equally guilty of fraud and disrupting people's lives.

  • two2294 Oct 18, 2010

    I get really tired of hearing the blame the parents game, a teenager knows right from wrong, and the parents cannot be at home 24 hours a day, all the parent can do is teach them when they are younger and hope and pray that they learn. They have a mind of their own, if they want to do bad things then that is on them, unless the parent is right there beside them doing the same thing. When a child does act up and the parent tries to spank them (yes I said spank), then social services steps in and takes the child away, and what is that teaching the child, I can do what I want and my parents can't do anything about it. And people wonder why the prison's are overcrowded. Wake up people don't blame the parent, blame society!!!! I know this from first hand experience, my brother-n-law has been in out of prison because he was taken away when my mother-n-law spanked him, after she got him back she didn't spank him anymore, he even told me that if she did, all he had to do was call the law.

  • williamgamble1 Oct 18, 2010

    But his moma said he was innocent....hmmm..

  • calculatedrisk Oct 18, 2010

    Mom needs to be charged as well. I've seen her on TV so many times crying about how her baby was innocent.

  • MAYONAISSE Oct 18, 2010