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Cameron Village to meet with lesbian couple

Posted October 15, 2010

— A Raleigh shopping center where two women say they were told to leave because they were kissing in public has suspended a security guard and has made plans to meet with the couple.

Caitlin Breedlove says the guard and a security supervisor asked her and her girlfriend to leave Cameron Village Wednesday afternoon after the guard saw them embracing and one kiss the other on the cheek.

Lynne Worth, vice president of retail leasing for York Properties, which manages Cameron Village, said in a statement Friday afternoon that the guard involved has been suspended and that the supervising officer and all security officers will receive sensitivity training.

Management also plans to meet with the couple on Saturday.

“Cameron Village is a family-friendly shopping center that welcomes the entire community,” Worth said. “We sincerely regret Wednesday’s events.”

“Cameron Village is committed to maintaining an open and welcoming environment for everyone,” she added.

Breedlove, who is the co-director of a social justice group called Southerners on New Ground, said that she asked the security guard if they would have been asked to leave if they were a heterosexual couple and that the guard replied “no.”

"We really appreciate Cameron Village acknowledging what happened and taking responsibility for it,” she said Friday. “We are looking forward to our meeting."

Breedlove added that she and her girlfriend are opposed to anyone losing their jobs. They just want anti-discrimination training for all the security guards and an apology.

She said she hopes the situation can bring awareness to discrimination of all types that goes on every day.

Her group has planned a gathering for Sunday at Cameron Village to raise awareness and that she said, and she hopes representatives from York Properties will be there.


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  • artist Oct 18, 2010

    This is what happens when squishy-pants amerika turns into the "can't do anything anymore" nation of sensitive whiners.

  • jdickens Oct 18, 2010

    for all things there is a time and a place. If they wanted to show affection it should have been at home!!!!

  • WorkingMyNerves Oct 15, 2010

    @toriellenb The first security guard was female, the supervisor was male. I am pretty sure it happened since there are several witnesses including restaurant staff, shoppers and York commented on.

  • toriellenb Oct 15, 2010

    If you watched the story when it was first aired, the woman at first said "she" asked us to leave; later in the story, it was "he" that asked them to leave. So, which is it? Or did it even happen?

  • dee19742000 Oct 15, 2010

    For those that feel this was staged, I highyl doubt it, it was more coincidental that the women happen to be people who stand up for social inequalities. As someone else posted on here... yes us gay people are everywhere, even at cameron village. :)

  • give me no quarter Oct 15, 2010

    Publicity shakedown.

  • dee19742000 Oct 15, 2010

    *SIGH* So as I read a lot of these comments I am left almost speechless, but not speechless enough to not add what I have to say. First off for those that have shown support for these two women I want to say THANK YOU! Now for the folks that are shall I say less supportive.. you know there is a lot of negativity, misunderstanding and hatred in the world, why not just embrace the tender moments, the moments when we can show affection toward one another. There are too many walls up that divide us and too much violence that goes with it. So when two people who care about each other take a few minutes to just enjoy each others company why turn it into a hateful moment? Why not appreciate the love? I am sorry for those folks that find same sex couples uncomfortable, however that is your individual issue and discomfort, thus it should not be projected unto others.
    For those that feel this was staged, I highly doubt it, it was more coincidental that the women this happened to are people tha

  • deduce Oct 15, 2010

    To: deduce. Yes, their intent was to do whatever it took in the way of pda to cause a suitable disturbance worthy of media attention. Paladin2

    I don't believe that they just "happened to be at Cameron Village", and I also don't believe that it was just a kiss on the cheek. notkidding

    One group of people certainly are trying to push an agenda. You conspiracy theorists are making up facts or inserting your own beliefs regardless of what is reported to fit your own agenda. Your evidence that they escalated the level of pda to get attention? Your source for it being more than a kiss on the cheek? That they didn't "just happen to be at Cameron Village?"

  • snailfan Oct 15, 2010

    Ask yourself, "Why was this brought to the attention of the media?" Whatever you sexual orientation, if this had happened to you and you felt that you were discriminated against, what would you have done? You would have most likely contacted the property management company to express your concerns. And more than likely their response would have been timely and appropriate. I'm sure not to the extent of sensitivity training for all, but certainly the guard would have been reprimanded/ suspended.
    Of course if York Properties had told them, "We support the actions of the guard 100% and homosexuals are not welcome here," then by all means escalate the situation. But does anyone really believe this is what really happened?
    Assuming this happened as reported, it was just an isolated incident that should have never been escalated to this extent.

  • deduce Oct 15, 2010

    notkidding, you might want to believe that gay people don't "just happen to be" everywhere, but they are.