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Durham police join investigation into Duke patient's death

Posted October 14, 2010
Updated October 15, 2010

— Durham police joined Duke University police Thursday in investigating a suspicious death at the university hospital last week.

Cheryl Lynn Suber, 30, of Garner, died at the hospital on Oct. 5 of a cardiac arrest. An attending physician was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her death and asked for a police investigation, according to two search warrants returned Monday.

Suber’s family said police did not tell them about the investigation. They only found out that authorities were looking into her death when they heard about it on WRAL News. Her uncle said the family hoped investigators would have more information to share with the family soon.

Duke police refused to answer any questions on Thursday, saying the investigation is ongoing and citing privacy laws.

search warrants Few answers in woman's death at Duke hospital

According to search warrants carried out by the university police, Suber was hospitalized for a non-life-threatening condition and was seen walking around the hospital and in relatively good health shortly before her death.

Suber's boyfriend, identified as David Bass, visited her room on Oct. 5, and as he was leaving, he told a nurse that someone should check on Suber, the search warrants state. The nurse found Suber unresponsive.

As hospital personnel tried to resuscitate Suber, they found a syringe in her bed, according to the search warrants. The syringe was labeled "saline," but the liquid inside was colored and opaque.

Nurses, physicians and a hospital pharmacist said that they didn't recognize the liquid in the syringe and that it was inconsistent with any medications administered on the unit where Suber was being treated, the search warrant states.


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  • shortcake53 Oct 15, 2010

    jbarron, WE did not air this story, WRAL did. So how are WE being nosy? Its only natural to read a story and then want answers. If its none of YOUR business, why did you bother to post?

  • michaelclay Oct 15, 2010

    jbarron4950, I agree with you. If they continue to follow the story in the news, most if not all of their questions will be answered.

  • jbarron4950 Oct 15, 2010

    Why are you people so nosy? This is really none of your business. It's easy to understand the air of secrecy from law enforcement with so many super sleuths trying to do their job for them. Just wait for them to finish their investigation and you will get answers to the who, why, where and when.

  • Ladybug Oct 14, 2010

    Yes, where is the boyfriend. Did they get fingerprints off the syringe? Has he been questioned? Why all the secrecy? Has the contents been analyzed yet to see what it is? There are so many questions - and, it appears no one wants to answer any of them.

  • connie2006 Oct 14, 2010

    Sounds just like the James Patterson book I'm reading... "The 5th Horseman." Creepy!!!!

  • UPTOP Oct 14, 2010

    soooo where exactly is the boyfriend now ?