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Charges filed in fatal collision with Wake school bus

Posted October 8, 2010
Updated October 9, 2010

— Raleigh police have charged a teenager in connection with a fatal collision last week with a Wake County school bus.

David Lawrence Asato, 16, of Franklinton, was charged Friday with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in the Sept. 27 death of Jared Paul Williams, 14, of Raleigh.

Williams was a passenger in a Kia Asato was driving when, police say, he ran into the back of the bus on Falls of Neuse Road.

Asato and another passenger, Nolan Mayo Lundberg, 16, of Raleigh, were both injured.
According to a wreck report, the bus turning left onto Harps Mill Road from Falls of Neuse Road when Asato, traveling north on Falls of Neuse at 60 mph in a 45 mph zone, hit the right rear of the bus.

The Kia ended up under the bus, and the collision forced the back of the bus into a 1999 Honda, which was waiting at the traffic light at Harps Mill Road, the report said.

No students were on the school bus at the time of the wreck, and the driver of the bus and the two people in the Honda were not injured.

There was no sign that Asato tried to brake or swerve to avoid the collision, the report stated.

Police also noted in the wreck report that Asato has a provisional driver's license, meaning he is prohibited under North Carolina law from having more than one non-family passenger in his car.


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  • FedUpAmerican Oct 11, 2010

    My condolences and best wishes to the family of the deceased.

  • FedUpAmerican Oct 11, 2010

    "We can't tell others how to raise their kids?" Da Toy Maker

    Isn't that what we do as a society when we pass laws that all must follow? For example... speed limit was 45 ... kid s doing 60 (probably like many others on that road that day)...
    C'mon... when is it a good idea to have three children in a car (16, 15, and 14)...
    There were reports that the kid didn't hit his breaks. Sounds like he may have been distracted and could do react in time. But... with a 16, 15, and 14 year old in the car... is it any wonder there would be a distraction... that could lead an inexperienced driver, who was using poor judgment from the onset (going 60/45), could find themselves in the exact position this poor kid did. We all know it takes years of experience in all sorts of environments to become safe drivers. As for telling parents how to raise their kids... driving is a privilege that should be earned. Min 2 years of driving with qualified drivers before ever taking the wheel alone!Period! +++

  • Da Toy Maker Oct 8, 2010

    "When is the pile of dead kids going to matter to people? We can't just keep saying over and over it's one kid's bad choice. These kids aren't ready to be driving! A year or two is a huge difference at that age.

    We as parents should know our own children whether they are mature and responsible enough to drive. Each and every child is different so the responsibility gets back to the parents. It is definitely sad to read about dead kids in traffic accidents but we can't tell other how to raise the kids.

  • TomLynda Oct 8, 2010

    No charges for the bus because the bus and kia were going the same direction. The kia came up behind it and struck it, it was not the bus turning left in the path of the kia.

    Didn't you even read the story? The bus was heading south on Falls of Neuse Road. The car was heading north. The bus was making a left turn off Falls of Neuse Road. The car hit the right hand side of the bus towards the rear. Real close to the rear.

    But I want to know why the bus driver is getting off scott free when he/she made a left turn in the face of incoming traffic. I see them do this almost every day of Falls of Neuse and other streets in Raleigh.

  • carla349 Oct 8, 2010

    "you are a parent and you should set the driving age for your teens. have a backbone ~ colliedave"

    Oh, I have a backbone, my teens aren't driving yet (I don't care what the law is here!). Doesn't make my heart break any less to read the teen death toll every month, and the carnage doesn't seem to effect all the other parents that feel it's a-ok as long as it's legal.

    When is the pile of dead kids going to matter to people? We can't just keep saying over and over it's one kid's bad choice. These kids aren't ready to be driving! A year or two is a huge difference at that age.

  • Adelinthe Oct 8, 2010

    "Police also noted that Asato has a provisional driver's license and is prohibited under North Carolina law from having more than one non-family passenger in his car."

    Yep, another person that thinks the law is to be obeyed only when a cop is watching.

    Praying for the loved ones of the deceased and thanking God no others were killed.

    God bless.


  • kewlmom Oct 8, 2010

    Yes, because waiting until my child is 18 and no longer under my tutalage is exactly when I want him getting his license. Personally, if I feel my child is not responsible enough for a license, he doesn't get it. Simple. My oldest was responsible, he got his license. I've already told my youngest that unless he straightens up, he'll be 17 or 18 before he gets his because I don't think he will be mature enough to put behind the wheel of a car.

  • kewlmom Oct 8, 2010

    That poor family.

  • carla349 Oct 8, 2010

    How high? 17, 18 21, 25? I'm old, I vote for 40.

    16 1/2 for a learners permit (IF they pass an accredited driver's course), 17 for a license. States that mandate these ages have far fewer teen deaths. How is raising the age any skin of your nose? It means fewer inexperienced drivers for you to avoid on YOUR drive.

  • smcallah Oct 8, 2010

    "So, no charges against the bus driver? How could he be making a legal left turn when there was oncoming traffic, no matter how fast the oncoming traffic was coming?"

    If traffic is going the proper speed, you should be able to determine when you can make a left turn.

    Do you wait until there are NO CARS AT ALL on the road before you make a left turn? You have no idea how fast any of them are going, do you? What if they are going 45? 60? 100? You don't know, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't turn if you think it's safe.

    If after that, the investigators determine that the car that hit you was speeding, whose fault do you think it would be?