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Fort Bragg soldiers to deploy to Iraq

Posted October 7, 2010

— More than 750 members of the XVIII Airborne Corps headquarters will deploy to Iraq in January, the military announced Thursday.

The Fort Bragg-based troops' mission will be to train Iraq police and military, transfer military responsibilities to the U.S. State Department and provide protection for all U.S. forces in Iraq.

"We have a wealth of experience from previous deployments across our staff, and I am confident in our ability to perform our mission to the highest standard," Lt. Gen. Frank G. Helmick, commander of the XVIII Corps and Fort Bragg, said in a statement.

The paratroopers will begin intensive training for the deployment next week. They will replace troops from the III Corps based at Fort Hood in Texas.

The XVIII Corps previously deployed to Iraq in 2005 and 2007.

Military officials said that the deployment will not raise the overall number of troops in Iraq. The U.S. role in combat there was officially ended in August.


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  • bettyboopr2 Oct 7, 2010

    God Bless you all and your families.
    I thought we were done in Iraq, according to the almighty Obama we were done.
    Why should they have to train the Iraqi police? They don't want us there.

  • sssh.. whisper Oct 7, 2010

    You are ALL BRAVE HEROES... Thank you for your UNSELFISH acts of bravery and protection. You will ALL be in my prayers. Also sending prayers to your familiies. Take care ladies and gentlemen.

  • froggytroat Oct 7, 2010

    >>He does not give our Military the support and Honour they deserve

    Bull hockey.

    It's too bad that the most dedicated people who are willing to put their lives on the line for our country have to go to a place that was never a direct threat to us in the first place, was invaded on false pretenses, and is now a quagmire.

    Oh, wait, there was a good reason: "He tried to kill my daddy"

  • Eduardo1 Oct 7, 2010

    Godspeed brave young men!

  • Adelinthe Oct 7, 2010

    ghimmy -

    Nothing wrong with what 2phillips said. The current president often doesn't give our troops the respect, honor and support they deserve.

    Praying for them all, and for their families left struggling here at home.

    God bless them all.


  • ghimmy51 Oct 7, 2010

    2phillips do you ever read? ahem .. These men and women are my neighbors, my blood. Come home soon and safely.

  • 2phillips Oct 7, 2010

    Very Proud of our Soldiers. Wish I could say the same of the president. He does not give our Military the support and Honour they deserve

  • u stand corrected Oct 7, 2010

    Godspeed troops. Take care. Love yas.