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State wants to withdraw plea in Apex teen's death

Posted September 27, 2010

— Prosecutors returned to court Monday to ask a judge to revoke a plea deal of a man charged with murder in an Apex teenager's slaying nearly two years ago.

Aadil Shahid Khan, 19, is one of four people accused of plotting and carrying out the death of Matthew Silliman, who was found dead in the bathroom of an abandoned trailer on Dec. 2, 2008.

Khan, who was charged with first-degree murder, pleaded guilty last month to charges of second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted first-degree murder in exchange for his testimony in the trial of co-defendant Ryan Patrick Hare, 19.

Last week, a jury found Hare guilty of first-degree murder and other charges, and a judge sentenced him to life in prison for the crime.

Khan never testified during the trial.

Wake County prosecutors Jason Waller and Melanie Shekita claim in a Sept. 13 motion to withdraw the plea that, in advance of Hare's trial, Khan was uncooperative, gave inconsistent statements and claimed he couldn't remember events he had previously been able to recall.

"I spent seven hours and seven minutes with him and had so much information – I felt like I was there," Wake County Sheriff's detective Mariah Jarema testified Monday afternoon, recalling an initial interview she did with Khan that resulted in 30 pages of handwritten notes. "Now, we don't know even how Matt got into the bathroom."

Khan's defense attorney, Doug Kingsbery, cross-examined Jarema at length about the series of interviews, pointing out that his client was never showed copies of previous statements and that Khan could not remember specific details about the case because he did not know.

Specifically, Kingsbery questioned Jarema about the location of a Nov. 25, 2008, attempt on Silliman's life. Khan told investigators he wasn't really paying attention to where it was and that he didn't know for sure, Kingsbery said.

Wake sheriff's investigator Ed Bomgren also testified Monday afternoon. He interviewed Khan on Dec. 3, 2008, when he was arrested.

"(His demeanor was) more of everyday business. Things were normal," Bomgren said. "He was assistive and willing to give answers. He wanted to get his story on the record."

Fast forward to nearly two years later on Sept. 10, 2010, when, Bomgren said, Khan didn't remember pieces of his original story to investigators.

Murder suspect could see trial Murder suspect could see trial

"His body language seemed a little more rigid," Bomgren testified. "He was not as forthcoming of his knowledge, as he had been previously."

The hearing will resume at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

During Hare's two-week trial, defense attorney Robert Padovano characterized Khan as a "master manipulator" who talked Hare into the plot to kill Silliman.

An autopsy found Silliman drank wine laced with narcotics, but that his death was the result of suffocation. His mouth had been covered with duct tape and his head covered with a plastic bag. Zip ties were fastened around his wrists, legs and neck.

Khan, witnesses testified, put the duct tape on Silliman's mouth.

Padovano told jurors in his closing argument Thursday that Hare went along with a plan to help Silliman in carrying out suicide. Padovano contended Silliman had reached a point where he no longer was “willing to battle his demons.”

Waller said Hare sought revenge and plotted Silliman’s death because he had kissed Hare’s girlfriend, Allegra Rose Dahlquist.

Dahlquist, 19, testified that she went along with the plan to kill Silliman because she wanted to win back Hare’s trust.

She pleaded guilty in August to second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder as part of a plea arrangement. She has not been sentenced.

Drew Logan Shaw, 18, was also charged with murder. He did not accept a plea arrangement that he was offered by prosecutors and has not yet faced trial.

Keith Acree, director of public affairs for the North Carolina Department of Correction, said Hare was admitted Friday at Polk Correctional Institution in Butner, the facility where all male felons, ages 19 to 25, are admitted into the state prison system.

Hare will likely remain there for four to six weeks before being transferred to another prison, Acree said.


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  • idontknow Sep 28, 2010

    Please be aware that these four can not get the death penalty, for they were all under 18 at the time of the crime. You may not agree with it, but it is a law. The only thing that writing it here does is bring up controversy and arguments. mshood7, Aadil's parents are Muslim, but he is not. Matthew Silliman was not Jewish. Please don't make assumptions about this case, because no one can actually know what they were thinking.

  • shortcake53 Sep 28, 2010

    Praying the mailman looses the letter to the Sillimans. What a cruel thing to do to this family, shame on you Prayn.

  • newhillhorse Sep 28, 2010

    Why do I keep hearing the word God when this is a matter of the law? These murders earned consequences as set forth under our government's legal system. Case closed. Life in prison for Hare as prescribed by law & the guilty verdict by his peers. Khan and Allegra signed a plea deal of upwards of 160 years... that to me is life. Case closed. Let Matt's family have closure & heal to the fullness that they can. Let the families of the murders visit their "child" in jail. Go at Xmas if you want to, go on Fri., go on whatever pagan holidays Allegra and her mom celebrate. Your religion & your holidays should be in your personal life not that of the government and the criminal justice system. The word victim is being thrown so loosely around. Yes, do all the families suffer? Yes, They have to live with the fact that their relative doesn't have compassion for human life, that they had an elaborate plot to murder a friend in cold blood. Murders themselves are NOT victims, they are perpetrators.

  • mshood7 Sep 28, 2010

    This is a case for the DEATH PENALTY. Henious crimes like this done by those who manipulted others with their hate for whatever reason, they all are reprehensive and disgusting to the point they deserve the best Justice has to offer. DEATH. What a disgusting pieces of lesss than human behavior. DEATH PENALTY and I hope it's swift.

  • mshood7 Sep 28, 2010

    Khan seems to have been the mastermind of this whole sordid tragedy. Khan who apparently is a "muslim" his mother was seated in the court room and appeared uneasy when the camera focused in on her. Matthew Silliman was a troubled young man (Jewish?). I hope that all will come to light and show that KHAN could have possibly instigated this whole thing. Something very manipulive and sordid was going on here between KAHN AND SILLIMAN!! I am now exploring the possibility of Muslim children who come with their families to this country, and some of which have been raised on a culuture of 'hate" from a very young age. How do they deal with it in our American schools. Do they bring their culutural diffences even some of which are questionable with them. These things need to be asked and if there is prejudice raising its ugly head here, let get to the TRUTH. Our youth deserve answers!!

  • prayn4daylight Sep 28, 2010

    Look I am not trying to get a rise out of anyone - I am not trying to push buttons - I am just stating what I feel and what I think it right - everyone wants to let these kids rot in prision or they say they should be executed - I am just another voice that believes a different option may be the best option. I have said over and over and over again - I do feel for the Siliman family - I do - it was horrible - it is horrible to lose any child - to death - or prison - I am just asking that we TRY to remember there is more than one victim here - there are many and so far most of you have forgotten that.

    Yes I sent the letter - but the letter also expresses my sorrow for their loss. I am not heartless - but it was fair to ask for their help in helping these young teens.

  • talberts Sep 28, 2010

    No wonder these kids are nuts..they couldn't move on from a kiss and they have parents that can't move on either. The kids couldn't accept it so they had to kill someone for it. The parent's can't accept the punishment for the kids. Somebody needs to be watching these revengful familys.That's how simple it is! The sword of truth is double edged. It cuts going in and coming out. Lord please forgive me.

  • Me-N-Nc Sep 28, 2010

    WRAL readers, I'm sorry to say this but I think there is one person on this forum that is getting some sort of odd pleasure out of getting our feathers in a bunch. Do you think that maybe the best thing for us to do as respect to Matt and his family is to not respond to this poster? This person is bringing out the ill in us and reading and feeling the same grief 99.9% of us have why are we giving this one poster so much power? Just my thoughts, but please take one moment and think about not giving this person any attention. Maybe we should only respond with "god be with you".

  • prayn4daylight Sep 28, 2010

    Look its as simple as this - the Siliman family are the fortunate victims in this matter - they have closure - Matt is dead - cant bring him back - they get to have a funeral and say good bye and move on with their lives - closure is a very powerful thing - the families of the teens will never have that - they dont get to have closure - they know their children are sitting in a hole rotting - I sent the letter out today - the question has to be asked - I pray if they are truly Christians that they will forgive and move on and help with the early release of these children so that all the families can have closure on this horrible event that keeps going and going.

    Please if anyone is willing contact me for the Siliman address so you can send them a letter also asking for equal closure to the other families.

  • talberts Sep 28, 2010

    Prayn- Everyone looses in this fatal crime. The Silliman's loss has already come to them..and they mourn with forgiveness in order to go on with their lives. That's hard to do unless GOD is with you. The charged are now facing their loss, and GOD can also be with them as they continue in their lives behind bars. Forgiving someone doesn't release them from their accountablity for their actions. The wages of sin is death. A blessing has already been bestowed on them by not getting the death penalty. They've already been blessed by giving the chance to breathe, speak, eat,talk with family and friends, write...etc..The time they have coming,to think and reflect, would be a good time to get with GOD. Be content in all cicumstances. With time they will adjust and accept just like you will. There are alot of wonderful Christians made in prison, who have come to Peace with GOD and their consequences...Matt's life here may be over but he will live in the hearts and minds of his Friends and his