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Thousands get remodeling ideas in Raleigh

Posted September 26, 2010

— Organizers of the Southern Ideal Home Show, held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, said they saw more foot traffic this weekend compared to a year ago.

They hope it's a sign of economic recovery.

Home show draws crowds Home show draws crowds

Homeowners looking to spruce up their space had plenty of lush landscapes, custom kitchens and sparkling spas to choose from.

Landscape specialist Frank Bennett said he sees homeowners investing in their outdoor living spaces.

"Instead of selling in this economy, they've decided to scale back and stay at the house and enjoy it," he said.

Doug and Mary Latta of Raleigh were typical of those at the home show looking for inspiration.

"We love our home. We love our friends and the neighborhood, so we are just looking to stay and remodel," Mary Latta said.

Many of the 300-plus vendors offered "green" options. A toilet with a built-in sink was one of the most popular attractions.

To thank customers of his kitchen remodeling company, Eddie Casanava adds a unique touch.

"After we remodel their kitchen, I go and I cook for them and their friends and family and neighbors as a thank you," he said.

This weekend's show was the 25th anniversary of the event and was expected to draw about 22,000 people from as far as 100 miles away.


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  • imtiredofit Sep 27, 2010

    I have 1 problem with the home show, I went last year and again this year and both times it appears that nobody ever checks the setup at the Fairgrounds for safety. Last year my wife tripped over the raised bricks at the entrance to the exhibit area and we saw numerous other people trip over the same spot. Some were not as lucky as my wife and were banged up pretty good. This year they had the same trip hazards and they were not marked any better. Doesn't Wake County do inspections for safety at these shows? Will it take a injury lawsuit to get safety changes made? As soon as you walk thru the show gate there are uneven walk areas and then when you get into the exhibit area they have all these raised brick areas that are poorly marked, if they are marked at all. I thought that surely after so many people tripped and fell last year when they entered the exhibit area, the Southern Ideal Home Show people would have made major changes to insure a safe exhibit. But I was wrong.

  • esmith44 Sep 27, 2010

    Should've sighted in my earlier post.
    www.notsobighouse.com is the website for Sarah Susanka, Architect.
    Her Not so Big series and design work is wonderful. Thanks, Theresa

  • mpheels Sep 27, 2010

    Value in use is exactly what I was going to say... It's a fools errand to remodel the house you live in for the sole purpose of increasing property values. Remodel to make the house a better home for you and your family, that way the investment is worth it even if it doesn't pay for itself when you sell.

  • esmith44 Sep 27, 2010

    Yep, there's truth in that advice. But there is what's called value in use. And that's what our houses are for. Becoming the home that's reflective and functional of our life. Our family has been in the remodeling business for 30 yrs and I'm also in real estate. After a homeowner sets a scope of work and has the estimate I have met with them and shown them what's in the market currently for sale and closed recently so that have more information on which to make their decision. Has our remodeling company lost a work opportunity this way? Yes, sometimes. Is it the right way to do business? Absolutely. So strike a balance because it's not always about the money. Sometimes you don't need to add square footage just change the flow. Check out

    If I can be of help.... theresa.smith@allentate.com

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Sep 27, 2010

    The thing that stinks about remodeling is sometimes you put your home's value so far above those in your neighborhood that you won't be able to recoup when you eventually do sell. I'd love to add on to my home, but have been advised against doing so because I've already got one of the larger homes/lots in the neighborhood.

    Anyone know if there is any truth to that advice?