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Woman robbed in Spring Lake parking lot

Posted September 22, 2010

— A Fayetteville woman said a man stole her nearly $3,000 engagement ring right off her finger on Tuesday afternoon.

Nikita Keel, 24, said she stopped in Spring Lake to get takeout dinners from a Thai and Chinese restaurant on Bragg Boulevard around 5:30 p.m. She was parked in a lot along the 300 block of Ruth Street, police said. 

As she was attempting to remove her 3-year-old daughter, Jasmine, from a car seat, a man approached and demanded her wallet.

“I actually thought someone was playing because I didn’t think this really happened. I guess this can happen in places other than TV, but I just thought it wouldn’t really happen to me,” Keel said.

She said she felt something in her back. Whether it was a weapon or just his hand, she doesn’t know.

“That was enough to scare me and give him what he wanted,” Keel said.

Jasmine didn’t catch on to the incident.

“She was constantly trying to get out of the car. I was telling her to stay in the car and get back in the car seat,” Keel said.

Woman robbed in Spring Lake parking lot Woman robbed in Spring Lake parking lot

The man also took her engagement ring, before running away. Keel did not get a good look at his face. 

Keel drove to the Spring Lake Police Department to report the incident.

When Keel started crying, she said her daughter knew something was wrong. Jasmine told her mom she could have one of her toys when they got home, if it would make her feel better.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at 910-323-1500.


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  • Mugu Oct 1, 2010

    I don't make too much money, you guys don't pay me enough.

  • Iworkforaliving Sep 27, 2010

    Mugu, we all took a vote and decided you make too much money, so you have to donate half of your pay to those who don't want to work as hard as the rest of us.

  • mad_dash Sep 24, 2010

    I hope the robber will be able to feed and shelter his family for 2 months....... Are you serious?? No, the robber needs to go get his self a JOB, and stop taking stuff that doesnt belong to him!!!! And if they can afford a $3k ring, GOOD FOR HER!! She shouldnt have to come off with her money just b/c others are poor!

  • Mugu Sep 23, 2010

    She did not need that ring, a $3000 engagement ring is just way too excessive. I hope the robber will be able to feed and shelter his family for 2 months. Instead of buying such expensive things, one should donate two months salary to a charity to feed the poor.

  • Das G Sep 23, 2010

    I agree with you two. There's no way Jasmine is giving her one of her toys.

  • bywnda Sep 22, 2010

    Hmm I agree it might be true but ...I dunno