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Standoff ends in Raleigh neighborhood

Posted September 21, 2010

— A five-hour standoff between Raleigh police and a man who threatened to harm himself at a residence on Hertford Street ended peacefully on Tuesday evening.

Police said a man inside a home at 531 Hertford St. threatened to hurt himself at about 1:30 p.m. He was armed with a gun.

"The individual was making statements that indicated that he might do harm to himself and that is what caused us to become involved,” police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

By 6:30 p.m., police had the man in custody.

No injuries were reported.

During the standoff, authorities closed a portion of Scotland Street, near Lassiter Mill Road in the Country Club Hills subdivision, as they secured the scene. All streets were reopened by 7 p.m.

The man's name was not released, but the home is owned by Harold Earl Blondeau, according to property records. Neighbors told WRAL News that 66-year-old Blondeau was the man who barricaded himself in the house and who was seen being taken away by police.

Police have not yet said if the man will face charges.

Blondeau was sentenced in August to 36 months in prison after pleading guilty last year to investment adviser fraud and tax fraud.

Blondeau, who had worked at Morgan Keegan, was using his role an investment adviser to gain access to his clients’ funds and then convert that money for his own personal use, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina. He used the money to purchase items including a beach home and wine. Authorities said he also failed to report or pay any taxes on the money.


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  • Moose is loose Sep 23, 2010

    Again the wisdom and patience of members of the Raleigh Police Department, putting themselves in harms way have saved someone who would otherwise made a bad situation much worse. If a Police agency makes the situation end quickly resulting in suicide they would catch much blame in from the media and community so today, once again, we can be proud of these young men and women for taking the appropriate action.. Terrific job Raleigh PD

  • monkeyboy Sep 22, 2010

    the man was taken into custody almost 24 hours ago, there's no new information, and yet somehow this story is still high up on the front page? slow news day, wral?

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Sep 22, 2010

    Didn't mean to make you cry daddyankee. Sorry.

  • Karmageddon Sep 22, 2010

    Why bother trying to save him? If he wants to kill himself let him do it. That way it won't cost the taxpayers any money or inconvience the police.

  • daddyankee Sep 22, 2010

    Boo hoo. He only got 3 years and probably at some Club Fed prison and he is this distraught? What a meow meow.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Sep 22, 2010

    While it may not be popular to say, Mr. Blondeau is a victim too and deserves our prayers as well. Apparently his weakness and greed led him to give in to the temptation to cheat to attain wordly goods.

  • chrism Sep 22, 2010

    This is another shameful act by Mr. Bloudeau that his family will have to deal with now. However, let's not forget the victim of his crime who will never get all of her money back.

  • Z Man Sep 22, 2010

    Why didn't the police release his name? There must be some favoritism going on here.

    And so what if it was the creep that bilked the old lady out of her money. For what he did, the police should have either let him shoot himself or done him the favor. And baby doll, you're right... we don't care about our fellow man when we run into weasels like this guy.

  • wrx44 Sep 22, 2010

    Just a rich guy who can't deal with he is now having to pay for his crime!

  • obs Sep 22, 2010

    If he really felt remorse, he would have returned as much money as he could then killed himself quietly. Threatening to kill yourself in a public standoff with police in the middle of your 1.5 million dollar home is an arrogant cry for sympathy.