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SPCA treats animals rescued from closed lab

Posted September 19, 2010

Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals staff want to earn the trust of animals rescued from a research lab closed amid allegations of abuse.

The Wake County SPCA took in 35 dogs and cats after three dozen rescue groups from across the East Coast coordinated a 14-hour effort Friday to remove more than 200 animals from the Professional Laboratory and Research Services Inc. facility in Corapeake.

The animals are getting medical treatment and, importantly, starting to learn to be companions to humans, SPCA spokeswoman Mondy Lamb said.

"It's all about the process of teaching them that the world is not a scary place, that people aren't going to poke and prod them, that people are going to give them treats," Lamb said. SPCA rescues animals from closed lab_02 Rescued lab animals taught to trust humans

The SPCA will eventually try to find homes for the rescued dogs and cats.

The PLRS lab is under investigation by the Gates County District Attorney's Office and the federal Department of Agriculture.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released undercover video it said was taken by a volunteer who got a job at the lab. PETA says the video shows cats, dogs and rabbits living in their own excrement and workers spraying animals with harsh chemicals, trying to rip off a cat's claws and performing operations with expired sedative.

When PETA released the video, PLRS President Helen Sonenshine confirmed that the video was taken at the Gates County lab and said that it disgusted and appalled her and that anyone who broke company rules will be fired. The company has not commented since.


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  • kellypratz Sep 21, 2010

    people that abuse animals! do they think animals do not feel pain? or just because their animals they can be abused. It makes me sick to see this kind of stuff. Believe me I think the punishment should fit the crime either it be a crime against people and animals. Too many get away with a slap on the wrist. So glad the animals were rescued.

  • rickryan86 Sep 21, 2010

    i would love to be on the jury in a case of a person hurting animals,''or better yet'' i would love to handle them MYSELF

  • eldersmith Sep 21, 2010

    @tia Stop posting.

    @SPCA You guys keep up the good work. You guys are alright in my book, keep up the good work.

  • spca Sep 20, 2010

    Wow Tia, if you only knew. First, the good people at Tri-Beagle Rescue got the biggest headlines check out the other WRAL links for the real info. And wow, you've seen our budget. Did you know the $50k includes *everything* we do online, so that nifty real-time adoption database that finds homes for 3,000 animals each year actually costs money! Did you know that includes our entire humane education budget so little kids can have a coloring book where they learn about pet responsibility and we can go into schools to teach lessons of humane treatment of animals. Advertising at a mission-based non-profit means promoting the cause of treating pets better and educating the public. Marketing at a non-profit means public education. -- Mondy Lamb, Marketing Director, SPCA of Wake County

  • tia Sep 20, 2010

    How come the only group mentioned is the SPCA? Dozens of groups took in animals but only the SPCA is mentioend. Because the SPCA spends OVER $50,000 (yep fifty thousand dollars) each year in advertising. Everyone knows who they are. Think how much more they could do without spending all that money on marketing.

  • mrr2821 Sep 20, 2010

    The county prosecutor must, by his oath of office, bring charges against the worker(s) who broke animal cruelty laws.

  • mrr2821 Sep 20, 2010

    The county prosecutor must, by his oath of office, bring charges against the worker(s) who broke animal cruelty laws. Just a dismissal from work is not justice!

  • Sherlock Sep 20, 2010

    I heard the group (PETA) was going to home some of the animinals in Robeson County.