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Local Muslims react to possible Quran burning

Posted September 9, 2010

— Florida pastor Terry Jones' threats to burn Qurans to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks have caused an uproar in the Muslim community.

The Quran is a sacred book to Muslim-Americans like Jihad Shawwa. He said just the thought of anyone threatening to burn the holiest book in the Muslim faith is painful.

“It makes me sad. You always ask, ‘Why?’” Shawwa said.

Shawwa, who is with the Muslim-American Public Affairs Council, said the irony of planning such an act on Sept. 11 isn't lost on him.

“Yes, there’s hatred and damage was done, but I hope he would learn. My philosophy would be instead of burn, learn not burn,” Shawwa said.

A copy of the Quran Local Muslims react to Quran burning threats

Shawwa is calling on Muslim community in the Triangle to lead by example and react to the threat against the Quran with understanding and forgiveness.

“We should learn from such an action how to love and respect and build bridges amongst each other,” he said. “That’s the only way we can get our greatness and leadership in the world.”

Shawwa said he is also praying for Jones.

“I hope that God will give him more concepts in his way – helping him to understand how to build love, not hatred,” he said.

Jones backed off of the idea on Thursday, but later threatened to reconsider burning the Quran, angrily accusing a Muslim leader of lying to him with a promise to move an Islamic center and mosque away from New York’s ground zero. The man planning the center denied there was ever such a deal.


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  • Heights Sep 13, 2010

    Mr. Shawwa pointed out the irony. In fact 9/11 and the subsequent events are filled with irony. All Muslims are seen as terrorists after a few radical Muslins attack. All Americans are seen as evil after American Pastor encourages others to burn Quran. Even the article has its irony (Mr. Jihad Shawwa speaks peace; extremists refer to their holy war as Jihad).

    This is the same irony seen in how people relate to people groups. One prejudges a group based on limited experiences with a few of its members. We must instead judge the individual. You could even say there is irony in your comment, “I am sure the irony of your statement eludes you.” Are you basing your judgment on the limited experience you have of me?

  • soyousay Sep 10, 2010

    fs..BUT if others choose to judge this entire country based on the action of a few of our citizens, you have to wonder

    I am sure the irony of your statement eludes you

  • Heights Sep 10, 2010

    I do not agree with what this pastor plans to do, BUT if others choose to judge this entire country based on the action of a few of our citizens, you have to wonder. Is it not my constitutional right to burn any flag or any book? This is the same right the media uses to publish news like this. If the media did not give the pastor the time of day would there have been such a firestorm?

  • weaver52000 Sep 10, 2010

    You contradicted yourself in your post. How can you speak of the home of the free and say it is all great for the muslims to build a mosque but it is evil for this guy to burn a Quaran. Aren't they both freedom of religion.

  • weaver52000 Sep 10, 2010

    I suspect you lost someone very close to you and for that I am sorry. I have lost love ones myself. You say you saw his physicial body enter the ground. That is true, but do you really believe that is all we are is just physical beings.

  • iworkandpaytaxes Sep 10, 2010

    I live a great life and respect all forms of life because of how precious it is. If I'm punished for that so be it. It wasn't a loving God anyways if that's the case.

  • mrman2a Sep 10, 2010

    This guy is out to get attention and media is falling for it.Now he can write a book and get a movie deal.$$$$

  • iworkandpaytaxes Sep 10, 2010

    imyourhighness69, Do you have proof your right? What will you do if your not?
    September 10, 2010 2:24 p.m.
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    Yes I visit him every Sunday at a graveyard. I watched him go in the ground and nothing more, it's your fantasy you prove it. I cannot prove purple flying elephants do not exist.

  • weaver52000 Sep 10, 2010

    Do you have proof your right?
    What will you do if your not?

  • iworkandpaytaxes Sep 10, 2010

    I believe when you die it's game over and you rot in the ground. Anyone have proof otherwise?