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Thousands look to business seminar for encouragement

Posted September 8, 2010

— About 18,000 people packed the RBC Center Wednesday hoping to get motivated about doing business in a down economy.

The "Get Motivated Business Seminar" featured motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Steve Forbes, president and chief executive of Forbes Inc.

James Fawole, a recent college graduate, said that he wanted to learn some ideas on how to start a used-car business.

"It's kind of hard getting out and getting a job, so entrepreneurship is the only way for me," Fawole said. He aimed to "meet good people, get some information I can take back and apply every day."

Seminar participant Nancy Call said that type of encouragement is needed as people struggle in a tough business climate.

"It does seem like things are not improving. It's definitely time to get motivated," Call said.

Attendees said they got some good lessons about staying positive, and they want to spread that message. RBC Center Business seminar offers encouragement

Seminar participant Marie Brock said that many members of her Greenville church are out of work.

"I hope that I can take something back to my church and help them stay encouraged. You have to be encouraged," Brock said.

Attendee Robbie Craft said that he came away from the seminar with a better attitude.

"Times are tough now, but it's going to get better," Craft said. "Keep your head high, look toward the future, and things will be great."


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  • joco cruiser Sep 9, 2010

    I enjoyed yesterdays seminar, and all for $5.00. That's only $1.00 more than a bottle of water at the RBC. Personally, I would go again and hear the same people. Sure you can get everything they said from a book, but every now and then it's good to get out and join other people with like interests.

    Don't be afraid to participate, and try not to desire what others have.

  • dmccall Sep 9, 2010

    corey3rd - Yes, Steve Forbes was born into a wealthy family, but that doesn't make him an automatic success. It would take a lot more than 1000 characters here to explain the numerous silver-spoon flops in Raleigh alone, much less the U.S. Steve Forbes is an excellent speaker and EARNED his place in the second tier of speakers during this excellent day. (BTW, there were 11 speakers and Forbes was the only one born into wealth. If 10/11 made something of themselves, then you can do...as soon as you quit worrying about what wealthy children are doing and help YOURSELF.)

  • mmjo65 Sep 9, 2010

    Arthur in the garden....where in the world did you hear that they charged a $1000 per person?????? $25 per company! Yes, you read that correctly; not per person, per company!

  • Frank Downtown Sep 9, 2010

    You could get all this info from any book or internet site. They were charging something near $1000 a person so they made a killing- which is the real reason the seminar was created.

  • loriperry2 Sep 8, 2010

    OMG!! The "Get Motivated Business Seminar" at the RBC was AWESOME!!! The speakers were amazing. So much knowledge, advise & inspiration. This was not, by any means, just a business seminar. This was a seminar on motivation for your entire life; business, career, future & livelihood. To be in the midst of 18000 ppl & hear these amazing, successful men speak God's Word repeatedly, offer salvation & pour out the wisdom they have gained through the years is a tremendous blessing that I intend to take full advantage of... FANTASTIC!!

  • Lickad Sep 8, 2010

    This was just a ploy to get you to buy junk you don't need.

  • drindiva Sep 8, 2010

    Sadly, all the negatives folks commenting on here did NOT go to the seminar. What harm does it do to hear positive things, instead of all the negative news all the time? Even if you did not go (which I did not), you could still say great job and hope all those who DID attend gained something from it. Count your blessings of what you DO have, rather than what you do NOT have.

  • meeper Sep 8, 2010

    I don't know how much motivation I could get from Colin Powell. He's an Obama supporter.

  • corey3rd Sep 8, 2010

    Steve Forbes' big break - being born rich. where would Rudy Giuliani be if World Trade Center was still standing? And Colin Powell wouldn't be doing these dog and pony shows if George W Bush hadn't tossed him under the bus.

  • lynchb01 Sep 8, 2010

    Peppercorn....repeat after me...I am responsible for my life style and what happens in my life. If I wanted to change my life I would have done it by now. Stop belly aching and count your blessings.