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Woman sentenced in Amber Alert hoax

Posted September 7, 2010

— A woman who initiated a fake Amber Alert in Smithfield more than two years ago was sentenced Tuesday to one year and one day in prison.

Rosnah Hassan Thomason, 43, of Four Oaks, told authorities that 3-year-old Siraj Munir "Roji" Davenport disappeared from Brightleaf Flea Market, on U.S. Highway 301 South in Smithfield, on May 18, 2008.

Smithfield police, Johnston County deputies and the FBI searched for the boy on the ground and in a helicopter for three days before determining he hadn't been abducted and that the report of his disappearance was false.

Thomason pleaded guilty last February to a federal charge of making a false statement.

Defense attorneys said Tuesday that Thomason had a history of neediness and depression. The prosecution argued those conditions were not factors in the case.

Thomason will self report to prison later.

As part of her sentence, she will also pay restitution to law enforcement agencies who took part in the search.


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  • wildcat Sep 9, 2010

    sentenced Tuesday to one year and one day in prison.

    This court made the right decision. May she learn from this.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Sep 8, 2010

    Now, can we put those in prison who pull the "Silver Alert" ripcord too often?

  • Z Man Sep 8, 2010

    Maybe she should instead be made to get a job

  • diver Sep 8, 2010

    jhndlp...The "Rev" always sides with people who commit crimes. Rev has no backbone at all.

  • NoObamaCare Sep 8, 2010

    Wondering how she will pay back resistution to Law Enforcement while in prison for a year?!

  • pebbles262004 Sep 8, 2010

    I hope that she has to pull every day of her sentence,and pay back every dime of money...

  • Iworkforaliving Sep 8, 2010

    ddefrange, just curious, why do you think she has a mental condition? Do you know her?

  • jhndlp Sep 8, 2010

    Everyone,, Read the entire story and listen to ALL the facts.. DO NOT FEEL SORRY for this woman, it was NOT her son.. She was HOLDING her nephew away from his real parents in Singapore and returned him to them the day before this happened. She needs mental help, yes, and needs to repay everyone concerned for the false AMBER ALERT. But again this was NOT her child. The boy is back in Sinapore with his real parents. Click on the associated story and audio report from his real father.

  • jhndlp Sep 8, 2010

    Rev RB, you probably should read the entire story about the child. The young boy was NOT her son, it was her nephew, she was trying to pass the boy off to the local residents as her own. The boy was her brother's son, not hers. I do agree jail is not the right answer, repayment of government expenses, yes. But a stay in a mental hospital is probably a better fit for the proper punishment.

  • u stand corrected Sep 8, 2010

    I think the punishment is harsh compared to the punishment a lot of other criminals get for what they do. And I do think that she has a mental condition and that jail is not good for her. Just my opinion...