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Bond increased for Raleigh woman in alleged ID theft scheme

Posted September 7, 2010

— A judge increased bond Tuesday to $6 million for a Raleigh woman facing nearly 30 charges in connection with an alleged identity theft scheme.

Arrest warrants state that Heather Lynn Holley, 39, whose last known address was Langley Circle, opened up bank accounts and credit cards and cashed checks using other people's identities. In one case, the identity of a 2-year-old child was stolen.

Holley does not live at Langley Circle any longer, according to her former landlord.

Wake County investigators claimed in the warrants that Holley broke into several homes to obtain birth certificates, passports, Social Security numbers, vehicle registration cards and other identifying documents. Also stolen were an external hard drive, jewelry, clothing and antique furniture, according to the warrants.

In one case, the warrants state, Holley used someone else's health insurance card to obtain medical treatment and, in another, tried to cash a forged $34,000 check.

Carol Jones said Holley tried to ruin her credit by ordering dozens of magazines in her name that she has refused to pay for.

“They’re magazines I would never order – handguns, violence, porn,” Jones said Tuesday.

Heather Lynn Holley Raleigh woman accused of ID theft

Jones said Holley also put fake ads on craigslist.com that caused hundreds of strangers to call her and come banging on her door.

Investigators said Holley broke into Jones' north Raleigh home in January and stole her passport, driver's license and bank statements. Jones said someone even hacked into her computer and removed fraud alerts that Jones had placed on her accounts.

“It became a game of cat and mouse. I would put a freeze on or a fraud alert, and she would take it off,” Jones said.

Holley was charged with:

  • nine counts of identity theft
  • three counts of obtaining property by false pretenses
  • two counts each of breaking-and-entering, larceny after breaking-and-entering, possession of stolen property, uttering a forged instrument and larceny of chose in action
  • one count each of second-degree burglary, forgery of instrument, possession of burglary tools, forger of endorsement and accessing computer

Jones said she is relieved that Holley is in custody.

"She's a dangerous woman," Jones said.

Holley, who plans to hire her own attorney, told the judge on Tuesday that there was no evidence she took on other identities. She said her bond was outside the legal guidelines for what she is charged with.

Holley's bond was originally set at $5 million on Sunday. Her next court date is Sept. 27.


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  • slayerhil Sep 7, 2010

    Agree with smcallah. High bonds are set for people who are not likely to show up for their trials. It's not uncommon for probation absconders to initially have bonds well over $100K when they are arrested.

  • smcallah Sep 7, 2010

    Bonds have very little to do with the crimes, and more to do with the person being a flight risk. How do you people not know this?

    Bonds aren't a payment you make to get out of jail and be free. They are a promise to show up in court so that you be free while waiting trial, and you get your money back when you go to trial.

    Murderers and rapists are generally held "without bond." Meaning they are too dangerous to be left to their own.

    This woman is not too dangerous to be left to her own, but since she is not violent, a bond must be set. But since she is an identity thief, she may have money and fake IDs/passports available to her that she could use to flee and never be put on trial.

  • GWALLY Sep 7, 2010

    ..."They have criminals who rape and murder children who have less bond than this woman...."

    Rape and murder do not involve MONEY...it's ALL about the money...the more money involved the greater the time!!!! Banks and lawyers (who are the politicians) will ALWAYS see to that!!!! You can go into a bank and shoot someone....but DO NOT touch the money....if you do you are toast!!!!

  • Adelinthe Sep 7, 2010

    They have criminals who rape and murder children who have less bond than this woman.

    She must've really ticked off someone high up.

    God bless.


  • gcannon Sep 7, 2010

    Way to go judge! I am sure that she has caused lots of problems for honest, hard working citizens. She must be stopped in her tracks before she has the chance to do any more harm!

    The same should be done for those accused of violent crimes.

  • makeitright Sep 7, 2010

    " ok granted this girl certainly deserves to be in jail, but how do you justify a $5 million dollar bond for identity theft, when attempted murderers/rapist/armed robberies go for far less."
    This crime should rank up there wth murder, rape, kidnapping - and all get the chair once it's proven they did the crime.

  • Tug Boat Sep 7, 2010

    Julia, If you have ever suffered from ID theft. If you had, you would understand. It takes years to restore your good name and credit. These people can cause countless sleepless nights and ruined careers. I hope our judicial system punishes her to the fullest extent of the law. Anything less would encourage more.

  • julia27534 Sep 7, 2010

    ok granted this girl certainly deserves to be in jail, but how do you justify a $5 million dollar bond for identity theft, when attempted murderers/rapist/armed robberies go for far less.

    Something is truly wrong with our judicail system.

  • JAT Sep 7, 2010

    Sounds like maybe she had a thing for this particular Jones woman. She had to know things about the woman in order to take off fraud notices and stuff like that. There's something more to this story I think than what's being told here.

  • JAT Sep 7, 2010

    How does someone get smart enough to do all this stuff?

    And did she break in and have plenty of time there to find birth certificates and such? I have trouble find those things in my own house; there's no way a burglar would just happen upon them.