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Raleigh police cite speeders on I-40

Posted September 6, 2010

— Raleigh police stopped 66 drivers on Interstate 40 at Lake Wheeler Road in four hours on Monday. The majority of the citations were for speeding with some drivers going more than 30 miles over the speed limit.

“We want people to slow down and make it home safely from the holiday weekend. When they're coming through Raleigh, we want them to understand that we're going to enforce the speed limit,” Sgt. Kevin Carswell said.

Instead of running radar from a patrol car on the side of the highway, police used a hand-held device from the Lake Wheeler overpass. As speeders were spotted, an officer radioed the speeds and vehicle descriptions to patrol cars waiting at the on-ramp to make the stops.

Carswell said the system prevents officers from making U-turns and then speeding to catch up to drivers.

“Our officers come down off the ramp, merge in behind the car and pull it over. It's safer for the public. It's safer for us,” Carswell said.

During the campaign, 66 traffic stops yielded 80 citations, including one person charged with having a concealed weapon without a permit and another person charged with an open container violation.

Speed is the leading cause of wrecks on interstates, according to the state Highway Patrol. Raleigh police hope Monday's crackdown deters speeders and keeps the roads safer.

“We saw four to five people pulled over in less than a mile. So that definitely slowed us down a little bit,” drive Julia Holloway said.

“If you go the speed limit you don't have to worry about it (a ticket),” driver Larry Bohannon said.

If you see someone driving dangerous fast, you can call the Highway Patrol by dialing *HP (*47) on cell phones from anywhere in the state.


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  • dmn Sep 9, 2010

    I realize that sometimes tone and attitude are difficult to convey in print but leo-nc's tone comes through loud and clear as very arrogant and judgmental. These are the very things that make the public distrust our police and government as a whole. I can tell you one thing for sure, if you have lived in Wake Co. long enough and ever received a ticket you may remember the breakdown of just where the fines and court costs go. Unless there has been a significant change in the laws, a good portion go to the police retirement fund. Funny how they no longer inform you of that since it seems like a clear conflict of interests.
    If the state/police were really concerned about safety they would be citing red light/stopsign violators, slow pokes in the left lane and inattentive (cell phones)drivers.

  • leo-nc Sep 8, 2010

    "The mission was to replenish the city's coffers."---

    Yeah, that's it. Especially since the city doesn't get any of that money, genius. Cry me a river.

  • BubbaDuke Sep 8, 2010

    The mission was to replenish the city's coffers. It's not the speeders I worry about; it's the idiots on cell phones, school busses using the Interstate, dump trucks, and the slow drivers who are afraid to drive the speed limit. The bottom line though is that towns have always set up speed traps to bring in extra income. Rather than control spending and work within their means, our government uses every means available to separate citizens from their earnings.

  • leo-nc Sep 7, 2010

    "The way the leo is holding the gun and "shooting" the radar from behind, it gives him the opportunity to discriminate among the different license plates and the driver.

    Through fairly easy deduction, RPD is more likely to give tickets to those people who are less likely to come to court (out of state license tags) if you look at the percentages.

    Also, the people with "special" NC license tags are more likely not to get pulled.

    I would love to see the demographics."----

    Have some more laced brownies. LOL

  • Realamerican71 Sep 7, 2010

    Lot's of rough comments here today. Let's not forget that RPD accomplished what they set out to do. SLOW PEOPLE DOWN. Maybe it generated some revenue, but the whole point was to slow people down. I say mission accomplished.

  • LocalYokel Sep 7, 2010

    Labor day weekend is one of the four times a year the HP comes off vacation and actually does their job. They are now back on vacation so you can speed and drive badly without worry of getting caught until new years eve.

    The 66 speeders can now go to traffic court to get charges reduced or changed to noisy muffler (no points against the driver).

    NC is soft on traffic crime and the results really show with all the injuries and death on our roads.

  • tobywilliamson58 Sep 7, 2010

    This road is probably the worst one to travel on. Hardly anybody shows respect for others, even when LEO's are traveling with traffic! Alot worse than Charlotte! Seems everybody is in a rush to nowhere!

  • happy Sep 7, 2010

    I understand flying cheetah but that pic is from yesterday as well. I just drove by there. There are trees.

  • flyingcheetah92 Sep 7, 2010

    I was referring to the pic that is going along with the story

  • slaterric Sep 7, 2010

    We were driving back from the beach yesterday on I-40. I set my cruise control on about 5 miles over the limit and drove in the "slow lane".
    Cars were whizzing by me doing at least 90 - 100 miles per hour. Many of them would then get right on the back bumper of someone in the "fast lane" and pretty much harass them into moving over. This sort of aggressive driving is very
    dangerous. What is interesting about many of these drivers (I know quite a few) is that they behave completely differently when not behind the wheel. I guess they have to vent somewhere.
    I am glad the RPD caught some of them.