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Chatham County pastor, facing deportation, makes bond

Posted September 3, 2010

— The Chatham County man who faces deportation after 37 years in the United States made bond Thursday in Atlanta and was expected to re-join his family in Siler City for the weekend, his attorney said.

Hector Villaneuva, 40, has a valid green card, is the pastor of a parish, and has a wife, four children and two foster children he's in the process of adopting.

Villaneuva had recently applied for U.S. citizenship, but he was denied after immigration officials discovered a conviction in California for commercial robbery 15 years ago.

That led to his arrest last month and his placement at the North Georgia Detention Center in Gainesville, Ga.

A judge in Atlanta ruled Thursday that Villaneuva was eligible for bond and he was released on Friday.

Immigration attorney Jorgelina E. Araneda said she did not know when Villaneuva's next court date would be.


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  • colleenjanel Sep 3, 2010

    wildcat, what part of valid green card = legal do you not understand?

  • ranquick Sep 3, 2010

    Made Bond and he faces deportation, you are kidding me!

  • Feisty Redneck Diva - Cowgirl UP Sep 3, 2010

    Seems to me this is Immigration's call and they already called it. A judge can not over ride immigration law. Oh wait, hmmm.... Arizona....never mind.

  • pgonz62 Sep 3, 2010

    I hope everything gets worked out for Mr. Villaneuva, and his family . I wish them the best with getting on with their lives back on track.Even though there are MANY RACIST'S that don't want anyone with a HISPANIC name to get ahead here. Best of luck. Keep the faith, God always takes care of those that believe and have faith.

  • Servent Sep 3, 2010

    Wildcat, needs some work to do, tomany posts, her statement about Illegal, if he as a green card he's not Illegal, If you don't want to work try education

  • wat63 Sep 3, 2010

    "I'm inclined to give the guy a break here. He's obviously trying to stay in this country legally and he's fulfilling a service to his community. I'm as far right as a person can go, but Villaneuva deserves a break."

    ..and I'm pretty far left and I agree with you 100%.

    And for you, wildcat---me talk too and likey purty picture!

  • colliedave Sep 3, 2010

    The guy broke the law, served his time, and is now trying to better the area through being a pastor of his church. He has a better chance of breaking down the "machismo" attitude towards drunk driving that seems to be common place in the Mexican culture.

  • wildcat Sep 3, 2010

    look silly, feel free. colleenjanel

    You sound like a fun person.

  • wildcat Sep 3, 2010

    So obviously the expiration date has not yet passed.

    But it do have an expiration date, which I knew. Get it together and stop taking up for the ILLEGALS.

  • colleenjanel Sep 3, 2010

    Fine, if you want to continue to make yourself look silly, feel free.

    The article stated that the green card is valid. So obviously the expiration date has not yet passed.