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Residents removed from Chatham County retirement home

Posted August 24, 2010

— State regulators suspended the license of a Chatham County retirement home on Tuesday and began relocating residents to other facilities.

The Adult Care Licensure Section of the Division of Health Service Regulation notified the operator of Hill Forest Rest Home, at 9141 U.S. Highway 421 in Goldston, of the suspension on Monday after a site visit revealed inadequate staffing and violations of residents' rights.

"Conditions at Hill Forest Rest Home present an imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the residents, and ... emergency action is required to protect the residents," officials said in a letter to Warren Gold, administrator of Gold Care Inc. in Rocky Mount, which runs the retirement home.

Twenty-four residents were in the 40-bed home as of Monday.

Workers called in state regulators, saying they planned to walk out because they haven't been getting paid.

"We have been going through and not getting our paychecks correctly for a year, and the only reason we hung in there was for the residents," former Hill Forest employee Wendy Maland said. "Potentially, (the residents) wouldn't have had anything to eat next week, so we all took a stand – all the staff – called the state and told them what we were doing. We were walking out."

Regulators revoked Hill Forest's license in March, but the facility was allowed to continue operating until the owner's appeal was settled.

Hill Forest Rest Home in Goldston Employees threatened walkout, called regulators

Jeff Horton, chief operating officer for the Division of Health Service Regulation, said inspectors had to act quickly after hearing from the disgruntled staff members.

"When you don't have any staff there to help assist residents with medication and personal care, it can be perceived as negligent," Horton said.

Maland and other former employees blamed Gold for long-standing problems at Hill Forest.

An April inspection found moldy showers, roaches and flies in the kitchen, residents using bed sheets to cover windows for privacy and bathroom doors propped open, according to state Department of Health and Human Services records. A follow-up inspection in June found violations of fire and electrical codes and exterior doors that didn't lock properly, records show.

Inspections in 2008 and 2009 also turned up a range of violations, including a lack of food for residents, records show.

Since March, Hill Forest has had zero stars on the state's four-star rating system for assisted living facilities.

Gold couldn't be reached Tuesday for comment.

"It's not the outcome we wanted. We didn't want this to happen, but it had to be done," Maland said.

"I really hate to see it closed down, and I'm really going to miss the residents that were there," former Hill Forest employee Delois Peoples said. "We were more or less a family."


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  • ncmedic201 Aug 25, 2010

    wildcat, I love the way you pick and choose to only take parts of a sentence to make your arguments. Let me rephrase my post so you understand. If you don't know about someones life then don't comment on their post. Is that easier for you to understand now?

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    Taking care of a love one is not an easy chore when you are doing it yourself at home. There is nothing wrong with nurses homes. True some make big mistakes and don't correct them when told. Visit often, not rushing in and out. It puts a smile on the patients face when they see people even though its not a relative. Who knows where life may lead any of us. We may be in a nursing home too. You never know. There are many young as well as the old.

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    if a place like this isn't paying their bills or their employees, they aren't taking good care of the residents either.

    How long did the nursing home management think they were going to get away with this? They still should have to pay the staff even back pay. Its the right thing to do.

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    you are asking somebody to do what you are unwilling to do and you are complaining

    EXACTLY! Thanks for a well said comment.

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    Its always interesting how people complain about the nursing homes, etc., but nevertheless they are the ones that don't won't the responsibility of taking care of their love one. It hampers their life style. Once their love is put into a home, all these people do is complain. Most don't visit as often as they should and when they do, always telling the workers how to do their job. A job they did not want to do in the first place.

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    Don't comment to others

    When my comment is made public, it has been approved by WRAL. You are not in charge here. Oh, you don't have to be here and read the comments either.

  • wildcat Aug 25, 2010

    Don't comment to others when you haven't got a clue about it.

    You cannot possibly be chatting with me. You have such an attitude and need to really change that. I do know about nursing homes. Obviously I must have step on your toes. Excuse meeeeeeeee.

  • ncmedic201 Aug 25, 2010

    wildcat, I have been in enough nursing homes to know what is wrong with that. I'm quite experienced at dealing with many things, as are my siblings. Don't comment to others when you haven't got a clue about it.

  • Adelinthe Aug 24, 2010

    "So, to keep your room in a nursing home (currently $6000/month) you or your family will have to 'private pay' ($200/day) if you are in the hospital since Medicare won't pay for both. If you fail to 'private pay' the nursing home packs your stuff up and kicks your rear out the door."

    That's illegal in PA.

    Not sure about NC though.

    In PA, if they take you, they have to keep you even after your money runs out and the State takes over paying for your care.

    Sure they have gambling and racing up there, but they take excellent care of their children and their elderly.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Aug 24, 2010

    "...so we all took a stand – all the staff – called the state and told them what we were doing. We were walking out."

    Good for them, cause I'll tell you something - if a place like this isn't paying their bills or their employees, they aren't taking good care of the residents either.

    Praying this isn't too upsetting for the residents, and that they find happier healthier surroundings elsewhere.

    God bless.