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Community meeting held on peeping incidents in Fayetteville

Posted August 17, 2010
Updated August 18, 2010

— A large crowd gathered Tuesday evening at Calvary Bible Church in Fayetteville to talk about a string of peeping incidents in a neighborhood off Bingham Drive.

From 12:24 a.m. to 10:55 p.m. Saturday, three incidents were reported to police involving a black or Hispanic man looking into windows or knocking on a door. The man was spotted in a yard at homes on Spindletree Drive, Winnabow Drive and Buffaloberry Place.

In one incident, the suspect was described as being about 5 foot 6 inches tall and appeared to be naked, police said.

"It is very disturbing because I have three girls,” resident Quadreica Wellington said Tuesday at the community meeting.

A peeping incident took place a few houses down from Wellington's home. Since hearing about the peeper, she has installed an alarm system but says she is still worried.

"You are scared to go to sleep. You go to sleep, and you never know, someone may be on top of you,” Wellington said.

Residents voice concerns over Fayetteville peeping incidents Residents voice concerns over Fayetteville peeping incidents

In all three Saturday peeping incidents, the suspect fled on foot after being spotted.

Multiple peeping incidents were reported in the same area in late June, police said.

The incidents occurred on Pepperbush Drive and Bear Creek Circle. In one incident, a woman said a man knocked on her window or door, and when she opened her door, he tried to pull her outside. Police have since released a composite sketch of a man suspected in that incident.

Police said they think the peeper could be someone who lives in the neighborhood. They are asking residents to keep doors and windows closed and to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.

"Without the citizens' help, it is extremely difficult,” Capt. Anthony Kelly of Fayetteville Police Department said of identifying the peeper.

Anyone with information about the peeping incidents can also call Fayetteville police at 919-433-1856 or Crime Stoppers at 919-433-TIPS.


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  • we3rblessed Aug 19, 2010


    If u have been following this story on wral and fayobserver u would know what was going on.

  • ibeeteri28326 Aug 18, 2010

    Due to the fact he was trying to pull her outside instead of trying to get in her home, says like he's a mental case. Please send help from Dorthea Dix.

  • ibeeteri28326 Aug 18, 2010

    Um...where does it say the woman opened her door at night?

  • rdmcswai Aug 18, 2010

    Just another reason for us ladies to get our concealed carry permit!

  • shortz1994 Aug 18, 2010

    it is a little green man,.. he is looking for a mate.

  • we3rblessed Aug 18, 2010

    Wise up women stop opening ur doors late at night to investigate, call the po*po's, close ur blinds and get some mase, a gun, or a tazer Gun. U women have no brains to open ur doors late at night to a stranger and then have the nerve to boo-hoo about it close and LOCK ur doors and windows. Stop playing victim and smarten up.