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Cyclist recovering after hit-and-run

Posted August 11, 2010
Updated August 14, 2010

— Authorities are looking for the motorist who struck a cyclist last month on the corner of White Memorial Church and Landmark roads in Angier.

Carl Demarais said Wednesday that he was near the end of his 20-mile bike ride when a car hit him from behind on July 30.

Demarais was knocked unconscious, and the motorist who hit him left the scene, authorities said.

Two Good Samaritans stopped and called 911. Paramedics transported Demarais to WakeMed in Raleigh for treatment.

"The pelvis was broken in several places,” Demarais said of his injuries.

Bolts and screws now hold his pelvis together. He also suffered from broken ribs and a concussion.

"Everybody tells me it is a miracle (that I survived),” Demarais said.

Authorities look for driver in bike hit-and-run Authorities look for driver in bike hit-and-run

Demarais said he doesn't understand how the motorist who hit him could drive away.

“You would like to think the human side of it would prevent them from driving away and for leaving you on the side of the road to die or be dead,” he said.

Demarais will be in a wheelchair for months and must undergo therapy to learn to walk again. He said he isn't sure if he will bike once he recovers.

"Biking, you are literally at the mercy of every car passing you. You have to trust every vehicle passing you,” Demarais said.

The Good Samaritans who offered Demarais help identified him from a FIXX identification tag for cyclists.

If you know the person who hit Demarais, please call the state Highway Patrol.


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  • rixida Aug 13, 2010

    I would never intentionally run into a bike but some of them do act like they own the road and ride down the center of the lane. I have been known to honk at them.

  • 2gurlz2boyzMom Aug 13, 2010

    blackLEOsilver - "driver should have stopped but not charged" He/she hit someone. Where do you get off thinking he shouldn't be charged. Attempted murder, not paying attention. As a LEO, you are saying this, I think they need to look into why you are one.
    jscanes22 - "vehicle comes first, not your little bike" - How would you feel if this was your kid? 'the kid ran in the road, my car wins, little kid loses' really? In driver's ed, you are required to stop on a dime. What do you think they do that for?
    joco cruiser - "given a ticket instead of attempted murder" - Unfortunately, a ticket is the only thing thing driver will get. Driving off is a felony, but will they address that, probably not. Driver will say it was an accident, they will attempt to say they didn't see the cyclist, anything to get out of a felony.
    PAY ATTENTION DRIVERS...it saves lives. RIP Ken Neumyer 1973-2009

  • 2gurlz2boyzMom Aug 13, 2010

    "Lessons from GOLOers: (hereandnow99)
    1- Blame the victim.
    2- Take no personal responsibility if you're driving an automobile.
    There are some sorry, selfish folks here. :-(

    That is exactly the way people think on here. So help me God, that something horrible happens to their family member. I know you can comment on just about anything, but to fault the cyclist, or my husband last year, who was hit and the driver drove off, then another driver rolled over him. My husband was NOT passed out, he was NOT sleeping, some stupid SOB hit him and drove off. Literally leaving him for dead. Quit blaming the victim, and the victim's family. Don't expect us to feel sorry for you when you lose a family member, don't come crying on here.

  • 2gurlz2boyzMom Aug 13, 2010

    My heart goes out to the cyclist and his family. Be thankful that you still have your life, and I'm not trying to be rude. Hit and run drivers are the worst out there.
    I feel sorry for you, because Troopers and Johnston County Deputies, are not gonna do their job and find this driver. I went threw this last year, and they just don't care. I pray that they decide to help, seeing that there were witnesses, but the chances...slim to none.
    Prayers and thoughts go out to the family. My husband was not as lucky, he literally was left for dead.

  • norskagent Aug 13, 2010

    NC law regarding motorists passing cyclists:
    "A motorist overtaking a bicycle must pass at least two (2) feet to the left of the bicyclist and must not move back to the right side of the highway until safely past the overtaken bicycle. [ยง20-149(a)]"

    Going clear into the opposite lane is not required.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Aug 12, 2010

    Well, I'm heading out for a ride. Hopefully if anyone has a problem with my riding they will approach politely.

  • Lickad Aug 12, 2010

    These cyclist need to have registration plates on their bicycles so we can call them in and report them if they are driving dangerously... that will lead them to ride safer and with at least a little courtesy.

    With the tax revenue generated by these tags, they can use that money to build bike lanes. If someone is from out of state, they can buy a temporary tag from any sporting goods store, like a fishing license.

  • dwgehrman Aug 12, 2010

    gmollyk: Your comment about cycling clothes reminds me of comments made years ago by a columnist for the Herald-Sun, Al Carson I believe it was, who got all "discombobulated" approaching a male cyclist in cycling shorts. I think he may have had a sexual identity problem or maybe he was just easily exited. The clothing is functional and skin hugging is a part of that. Go to hub pages and find "Micky D". Thorough discussion of different types of shorts. Or just approach & ask one of those cyclists. Who cares what name or designs we wear. In addition to visibility they are often conversation starters & we find them "cool". It's fashion. If it gives you a laugh, no harm done.

  • dwgehrman Aug 12, 2010

    The problem is a general excess of egotism and lack of civility. Cyclists also drive cars so are quite aware of motoring & cycling safety issues. Like all those motorists who are inconsiderate of others and the environment and throw their trash out of their car windows (Get on a bicycle & check the shoulders sometime or just take a walk by the roadside. Wasn't put there by cyclists.)there are those who are even more inconsiderate and place others lives in danger. Like the UNCG coed who ran over my professor friend near campus while she was talking on her cell phone. Motorists are hardly inconvenienced more than several seconds in accommodating a cyclist. gmollyk, I'm not surprised more cyclists aren't hit given ragers, cell phoners and DUIs smashing into other vehicles (or trees.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Aug 12, 2010

    When your speed depends on your own strength and energy aerodynamics become extremely important. And even if you're laughing, the important thing as that you see them. Some actually are given jerseys by companies. And some companies, as with any clothes, just put their logos on real big.