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Mental exam ordered for man accused of carrying remains

Posted August 5, 2010
Updated August 6, 2010

— A man accused of carrying a set of skeletal remains in a backpack told police that he had fantasies of killing people but had not actually killed anyone, Durham County District Attorney Tracey Cline told a judge on Thursday.

Michael Charles Dorman II, 32, of 1411 Sundown Drive in Mebane, was charged July 15 with concealing or failing to report a death. He was in court Thursday for a probable cause hearing on that charge.

Authorities arrested him after a friend of Dorman's told investigators in Orange County that Dorman told him he had killed a prostitute in Durham two years ago and needed help disposing of her remains.

Cline said on Thursday that the friend told authorities that Dorman had met the prostitute and had exchanged money for crack cocaine and sex but became agitated and shot her with a shotgun.

A medical evaluation of the remains showed the woman died from a shotgun blast, prosecutors said. The woman was identified as Lakeia Boxley. Authorities said she was reported missing on March 31, 2008.

Cline said the friend told police that Dorman had been keeping the remains in a suitcase in his father's home.

Michael Charles Dorman II Accused told friend he enjoyed killing

The friend also said Dorman told him that he enjoyed killing and intended to continue doing it. The friend said Dorman had also identified another potential victim.

Dorman told authorities that he found the human remains near Erwin Road and Main Street in Durham and had returned later with rubber gloves to remove the remains, Cline said. He told authorities that he planned to take them home in Orange County for his own sexual gratification.

When questioned about the woman, Dorman said he had not killed her, Cline said.

A judge granted the prosecution's motion on Thursday for Dorman to undergo a mental evaluation.

Court records show he pleaded guilty to several charges related to break-ins that happened in 2003 and 2004. In one case, he broke into a Hillsborough restaurant. Other cases involved the homes of women.

From one victim, he took a dress, three pairs of underwear, a blanket and a pillow. In another case, he took perfume and more clothing, including jeans, dresses, slips and camisoles.

Durham police searched his home on the same day he was charged and seized papers, photos, a laptop computer, two cameras and a video camera, according to a search warrant.

Dorman was in the Durham County jail Thursday under a $1 million bond.


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  • sunneyone Aug 9, 2010

    Did he admit murder to the police or did a friend just tell the police he said that?

    I agree with snow. Everyone is all "he should die, he should die" but there's been no proof other than hearsay that he committed the murder. Knowing someone was shot with a shotgun isn't really conclusive. If he stumbled across the body, he'd've seen the shot or the damage before decomp.

    No doubt he's sick in the head, but that doesn't mean he should die.

  • bobsouth1 Aug 6, 2010

    michael looks like hurley from lost

  • shortcake53 Aug 6, 2010

    snow, He pled GUILTY to breaking into the homes to steal womens things, he TOLD police what he intended to do with the body. Would YOU admit to something you didnt do?? I sure hope you dont end up on his jury, or any other for that matter. He could look you right in the eye and tell you, but you still wouldnt believe it.

  • shortcake53 Aug 6, 2010

    snow, would YOU say you did something you didnt do???? HE ADMITTED TO POLICE what he intended to do! He pled GUILTY

  • snowbets Aug 6, 2010

    Like I said hungry....media...driven. What the media says is always the truth? Correct? Do you always believe what you see on t.v.? You were right there when it happened ......or didn't happen? Just like the media was.... Right?

  • shortcake53 Aug 6, 2010

    snow, he SAID he took her remains home, he's not just accused. Isnt that good enough for you??

  • scarletindurham Aug 6, 2010

    "He told authorities that he planned to take them home in Orange County for his own sexual gratification."

    I love how this is just buried in the story.

  • snowbets Aug 6, 2010

    Just because someone is ACCUSED of something.... doesn't mean he did it! You people are a hungry mob. "Kill! Kill! Hang the sicko!" You have no idea where this man came from or what he has been through to be where or who he is today. Let the media feed your hunger for another death. You'd reather see him dead then receiving help even if he is inncoent.

  • mochabrown Aug 6, 2010

    I think is he "acting".

  • hunt36 Aug 6, 2010