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Raleigh man faces online solicitation, exploitation charges

Posted August 4, 2010

— The State Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday charged a Raleigh man with trying to solicit a minor through the Internet and with several counts of exploitation after child pornography was found on his computer, according to arrest warrants.

Charles David Dickenson, 53, of 1101 Lands End Court, was charged with one count of soliciting a child by computer and 10 counts of second-degree exploitation of a minor.

Undercover agents posing as minors said a man tried to solicit them for sex in an online chat room between early June and last week. Authorities also said several digital images showing boys and girls engaging in sex acts were found on Dickenson's computer.

Dickenson's neighbors on Lands End Court said he kept to himself.

"He doesn't speak to anyone. Doesn't talk to anyone,” neighbor Yevonne Brannon said.

Neighbor Blythe Clifford said it was tough to hear that someone charged with such crimes was living near her.

"As a mom of two young kids, I am pretty upset by it," she said. "This is a very, very sad crime against children."

Dickenson was being held Wednesday in the Wake County jail under a $500,000 bond.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 5, 2010

    I certainly don't feel hostile. :-) I even added a smiley to indicate that I was j/k. So, you really didn't think the "tractor tire-planter" was funny? I couldn't stop laughing when I wrote that.

    Of course, sometimes I do go overboard. LOL

    And, don't tell anyone, but I grew up redneck...Sears jeans with kneepatches, orange Mopar, Lynyrd Skynyrd...yes, I did. :-)

  • Iworkforaliving Aug 5, 2010

    hereandnow99, I was with you until you started spewing bigoted nonsense stereo-typing white people in the country.

  • nascarguy Aug 5, 2010

    hereandnow99 - Don't understand why you're so hostile. I too am a transplant. I've lived within the Chicago city limits, so I understand your point, but when I pass my neighbors on the sidewalk (in a safe environment)and say "hi", or "hello", and they do not utter a sound, nor raise their eyes, nor nod the head, I see it as a bit unusual, not simply introverted behavior. I've learned that they were indeed up to no good on several occasions as I've posted earlier.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 5, 2010

    nascarguy, have you been to NYC much? Almost no one will acknowledge your "Hello"...you may even get the finger or at the very least, you'll get the "Are you crazy/homeless/selling-something" look. Lots of transplants here. Or, the person could just be distracted or deaf.

    I just don't see this as a crime indicator.

    And if I'm the one being anti-social, I probably saw you arrive in your jacked up 4x4 Hemi truck with mud-gobber tires, and NRA, "Nuke the whales" and "Palin for Prez" bumperstickers...and then there's that tractor-tire planter & junk-car yard art you've got going on...oh, and your 8 dogs bark incessantly... ;-)

  • nascarguy Aug 5, 2010

    hereandnow99 - We're talking about two different things. Wanting privacy is fine, but I've had people fail to even acknowledge you, when said 'hello' to, only to find out drugs were there. Similar situations at work, when theft is attempted. In this case, his neighbors stressed that he wouldn't talk to anyone! seankelly15 - I'm not a "chatty" type at all. Maybe I should have worded it differently, but I do believe we're talking about two different things. Huge difference between quiet, introverted types and what I was referring to.

  • seankelly15 Aug 5, 2010

    nascarguy - Your comment is just unbelievable. Just because you are a 'chatty cathy' doesn't mean that we all are. There are truly shy people who are just uncomfortable talking to people that they don't know or don't know well. Or, there are people that don't wish to share their life with people that they have just met or do not know too well. We have come to beleive that we have the 'right' to know others' business - we don't. And, if someone is content to be left alone without the probing by neighbors or 'friends' then it doesn't mean that they are up to something.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 5, 2010

    nascarguy, if you were my neighbor, I'd "avoid" you and "refuse to chat" too. ;-)

    Seriously though, I think most people like privacy at home...in their neighborhood...so they don't socialize there much. The exception seems to be people with dogs or kids, where socialization is encouraged.

  • heaf200 Aug 5, 2010


  • lawdogzwife Aug 5, 2010

    SO, where are all the people complaining about how bad of a job the SBI is doing on this one?

    Guess it is okay if they catch a child predator, but not murderers...

  • itsmyownopinion Aug 5, 2010

    Probably not, Jinx, as he's into sex with youth, not women.