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Man sentenced in death of Bunn teen

Posted August 4, 2010

— A Franklin County man was sentenced Tuesday to 24 years in prison for the death of his estranged girlfriend and threats against two other people.

Elvira Hernandez, 17, had gotten off the bus from school, when authorities said, Christopher Steven Thomas, of Louisburg, shot her in May 2007. She died on the steps of her home.

Hernandez shared the home with the couple's young son and her aunt. They were inside the house at the time. When Thomas could not get inside, that is when he turned the gun on himself, authorities said.

Thomas pleaded guilty to second degree murder and two counts of second degree kidnapping, his attorney Boyd Sturges said.

Prosecutors said Thomas' suicide attempt, which left him with half his face shot off, was what kept them from seeking life in prison.


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  • shortcake53 Aug 5, 2010

    He killed a young lady who was going to school in spite of the difficulties of raising a baby, trying to better her life and her childs, but he gets cut a break because he disfigured himself????? WHAT???? I can see the next headlines, " Man gets lesser sentence because he has a pimple" This kid needs to pay for what he did, NO MATTER HOW HE LOOKS.

  • UPTOP Aug 4, 2010

    That's a shame ! Now he has to live with his face and the fact he killed his son's Mom...

  • kbo80 Aug 4, 2010

    He should try shooting himself again and maybe he will be successful this time. He'll do about 9 years then he will go free to shot another girlfriend. His attempted suicide should have had no determined how much prison time he gets. He should have been given life for an attempt that didn't go through.



  • colliedave Aug 4, 2010

    Prosecutors said Thomas' suicide attempt, which left him with half his face shot off, was what kept them from seeking life in prison.

    I thought the law was to be based on facts instead of feelings. Also, what was the age of the woman when he impregnated her? If she was underage, shouldn't he be charged with satutory rape?

  • dixieboy Aug 4, 2010

    N.C. Court system --- FAIL

  • pwilliamson53 Aug 4, 2010

    Logic has just gone to "hello in a hand bag" when it comes to justice in our state. If over crowding in our prison's are a reason for lack of sentencing, then bring back the death penalty and start using it. All these criminals receiving life sentences is just plain sicking. If you kill someone, you die! If you steal, cut off your hand, if you caught again cut the other one off. We need to get tougher on these repeat offenders to show our state isn't going to tolerate this anymore. Our justice system is failing the public.

  • yesnomaybesok Aug 4, 2010

    wow....and the man that killed all the people in forsyth county years ago got out of the prison system by pleading insane... went to the crazy house and guess what... now he is out... lives less then 2 miles from me and there is a cross roads in between our houses...so what if he sees demons again??? thats y he shot those people ... but now he's not insane n e more?? didn't really think that was some thing that u could just catch n get rid of? well.... insane or not, u killed some one... and i think a failed suicide attempt should be another charge added on. if u burn ur own house down u get in trouble... y not a punishment for trying to take ur own life? failblog.org for both cases! ERRRR =( to the system.......

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Aug 4, 2010

    nice, a drug dealer gets life in federal prison (which I have no problem with), but b/c this guy shot himself, he gets out after killing a 17 year old.....is this NC justice or another failure by Franklin county DA's

  • Fishman Aug 4, 2010

    Typical North Carolina justice.