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Foundation provides free toys to Bragg military kids

Posted August 4, 2010

— A toy manufacturing group on Wednesday brought free toys to children of soldiers deployed from Fort Bragg.

The Toy Industry Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Fort Bragg distributed the toys to more than 1,000 family members at the post's Tolson Youth Center.

"Christmas in August – there's nothing better," said Toy Industry Foundation Executive Director Jean Butler. "The toy industry cares about our nation's military families, and we want to make as many military children as happy as we can."

The toys were donated to the foundation by manufacturers, retailers and distributors. The toys are being given to children at military bases with high deployment rates nationwide.

Fort Bragg has been sending soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq since the wars started nearly 10 years ago.

"I don’t like it when he’s deployed,” Dillon Wright, 11, said of his father. “I miss him.”

Sgt. Jerome Wright has been deployed twice. He said deployments are often harder on the families than on soldiers.

“Sometimes there’s too much going on to think about missing home, so you focus on the mission at hand. And really, it’s the families that support us that have a lot of hard time," Wright said. "The boys, they definitely deserve something like this. They're really fortunate to have something like this. They go a year at times without me."


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  • BigUNCFan Aug 4, 2010

    To the naysayers saying set up a 529 or bring the parents home, can't you just enjoy a bit of good news for once instead of trying to bring negativity to everything? Just curious if that is possible for once? Thanks in advance.

  • Pseudonym Aug 4, 2010

    God bless the children of our heroes

  • lrfarms27572 Aug 4, 2010

    Thanks to WRAL for posting up high on the list. This is good stuff that lets communities that there still are good decent people in the world and that not everyone is an armed mugger and murderer.

  • Sarge Aug 4, 2010

    they would be better served setting up a 529 account in their name.

  • sssh.. whisper Aug 4, 2010

    Great story to read. Prayers to all those children out there whose parent(s) are away from them fighting for our country.

  • froggytroat Aug 4, 2010

    They ought to bring their parents home, instead.

    Good for them, though, I've already donated.

  • james18 Aug 4, 2010

    You know stories like this are heart warming, but most forget there is a small Air Force Base right next door to Ft Bragg also, which is now called Pope Army Air Field, go figure. I wish when the media covered stories like this Pope has also been part of this war since the beginning would get just a little blurp on someones radar.. A toy manufacturing group is bringing free toys to children of soldiers deployed from Ft Bragg and Pope Airfield (now that would sound a little better..)
    O.K. rant over..:-)

  • bluegrass Aug 4, 2010

    Good work by these folks.

  • lrfarms27572 Aug 4, 2010

    this should be a headline story instead of the shooting.