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Goodwill offers clothes, furniture at significant discount

Posted August 3, 2010

— Although he was on vacation, Tony Freddoso still found time to visit the Goodwill in Raleigh because he loves the deals.

“I walked in and I got these two bulbs- two bulbs for a buck. This is a steal, really,” he said.

Freddoso, who is from Florida, brought his niece, Heather, to the store to look for back-to-school clothes. It was her first trip to the Goodwill.

“A lot of people donate clothes that are worth a lot of money,” Freddoso said. “For 10 cents on the dollar, you can buy some good, quality clothes here.”

In addition to the regular deals at Goodwill, shoppers can take advantage of the state sales tax holiday from midnight Friday until 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

Goodwill participates in the annual sale just like other retailers.

Becky Lytle, of Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina, said high-end, designer clothes are on the racks at local Goodwill stores and finding them is part of the fun.

“For many people, that's exactly why they love coming in here. It's like a treasure hunt, and people will come in here with some great finds,” she said.

Goodwill also offers furniture, kitchen appliances and TVs at a large discount.

“You can come in here and get a lot of good things for a fraction of the cost you'll pay at the department store,” Lytle said.

Proceeds from Goodwill sales go to fund local job training and education programs, including many that help disabled adults.

Tax-deductible donations of gently used items can be made to local Goodwill stores.

WRAL's Smart Shopper Faye Prosser will appear on WRAL News at 5 p.m. Thursday to look at other places you can uncover real deals to coincide with the state sales tax weekend.


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  • aquamarine46 Aug 10, 2010

    Goodwill just plain leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. They do not in any way live up to their name. It more clearly depicts "BADWILL", rather than good. I had a terrible experience with the one on Roxboro Rd in Durham a few weeks ago, when I showed up there hysterical because 8 bags of clothes had been taken there by mistake within an hour of my showing up to retrieve them. They not only would not let me see the bags to identify what was mine, they told me they had already gone through them and put them out on the racks. What was not on the racks, I was told had been sent to "salvage". Funny, they had already gone through those bags, yet they had a mountain of bags already there, that they had not gone through. I will not go into the entire story, but needless to say................they will NEVER, EVER see anything from familly again, and I'm telling everyone who will listen about it.

  • ncsqrl Aug 9, 2010

    I agree with beachlvr0804 and tiggerjd3. I love thrift shops, consign stores and the like...mainly the prices but also the fun of finding something cool, different, a great deal. But have noticed many thrifts' prices are out of whack. Like was said..can get something new at nearly the same cost -so why would I dig thru their somewhat unsorted racks? Remember "pricers" -this stuff is used and you got it for free...so let's just price it low, sell it fast, move it out and make room for more!

  • St Ives Aug 3, 2010

    There is a place called RETAIL that is a thrift store. It is in North Market Square. The prices are good and the money goes to spay and nuter animals for those who can not afford it.
    I agree Goodwill is sometime out of line pricewise but there are still bargians to be had . stay away from Furniture because there has been an infestation of bedbus in the community so ,if you do purchase furniture just spray with hot shot bedbug spray.

  • BadDayforButch Aug 3, 2010

    Shopping at the Goodwill will really stimulate the economy !

  • tiggerjd3 Aug 3, 2010

    I have nothing against thrift stores...but why would i spend $3.00 on a used shirt when I can go to JC Pennys and buy my kids a new shirt for $5.00? I got my kids there school clothes from penny at a deal!! Cheaper than Walmart. I really rack up at kids consignment sales more than goodwill or any other thrift stores.

  • between_the_lines Aug 3, 2010

    I love the Goodwill!! furnished my college apartment from the Goodwill and all my work t-shirts and workout t-shirts come from there. Love the GCF and the organization.....you other haters just have nothing else to whine about, so you whine about positive organizations

  • Desiderata Aug 3, 2010

    So, do these people want something for nothing...GEEZE!

  • beachlvr0804 Aug 3, 2010

    Over the years, Goodwill's prices have become prohibitively high. It was part of the thrill in the past to go and "rummage" around with my Mom, who has sinced passed away. I stopped shopping there and donating to the Goodwill and decided to take my things to consignment shops, because I Goodwill's prices just kept getting higher and higher and WAY out of line. There's no rhyme nor reason to their pricing. You can go to one Goodwill and see something at one and go to another and see the exact same thing and they're two different prices(albeit not too often). It's priced at the "pricers with the permanent markers" discretion. There have been items that I have seen in the past and would have bought until I saw the price......they should reign in their prices.....

  • scarletindurham Aug 3, 2010

    Sometimes the prices at Goodwill aren't so good. The Salvation Army can overprice furniture a ridiculous amount.

  • St Ives Aug 3, 2010

    Clark063 I had $600 in the pocket of my pants that were left on the bed(It was the Rent) My roommate took them to Good will. I realized that night they were gone and when I got there the next day I was not allowed to look for them and they told me they would find it and reture it. Ha Ha Ha