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No charges for Fayetteville homeowner who shot intruder

Posted August 2, 2010

— A homeowner in Fayetteville was defending himself and won't face charges for a shooting on his property Sunday night, said Dan Grubb of the Fayetteville Police Department..

Grubb said an armed man walked into the front yard of 299 Decatur Drive around 11:30 p.m. Sunday and forced two women inside the home at gunpoint. Mikey Deshannon Campbell, 36, came out of a bedroom with a shotgun and fired twice, hitting the attacker in the side, Grubb said.

"The homeowner has no time to sit back and debate whether or not the guy is serious or what his intentions are, if the gun is real or not real. You know, he doesn't have that kind of time," Grubb said.

The suspect, Armon Leroi Mattox, 27, of 1508 Palmer Drive, fled on foot and was brought by an acquaintance to a nearby fire station, police said.

He was transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and later transferred to UNC Hospitals for treatment of injuries police said were not life-threatening. He's expected to face kidnapping and assault charges,

His acquaintance, identified as Kendall Leon Wortham, 27, of 238 Partners Way, was charged with possession of cocaine during the incident.

Both men are repeat offenders.

Police are investigating the incident.


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  • Dat MoFo Aug 2, 2010

    "BTW, while purchasing my gun (.357 Magnum), there was (what appeared to be) a thug purchasing an assualt weapon right next to me. I feel like we cancelled each other out there."

    Unless it was a machine gun, which I'm sure it wasn't, it was not an assault weapon. Just because they look like fully automatic weapons, does not make them assault rifles, even though the libs would like people to think so. And congrats on buying a .357. Great cartridge.

  • Worland Aug 2, 2010

    It's SOP now to charge anyone involved with a shooting, justified or not. It protects the gov't and the victim from the villian's family in court. The DA gets political points with Liberals for bringing the victim up on charges, and it gains the DA political points with conservatives by dropping the charges.

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Aug 2, 2010

    This man is respected by me he has a right to protect his land. I don't blame him.

  • 3779LRRP Aug 2, 2010

    45 ACP please for home protection. The long gun may hit a chair while pointing the thing.

  • john283594 Aug 2, 2010

    Good shooting!

  • uncw40oz Aug 2, 2010

    Why would he even be charged??? Not a good titile!

  • ORMA Aug 2, 2010

    A little more range time may have saved the taxpayers some money. Too bad the public has to pick up the bill for medical care. Why doesn't the state make the offender (or his 'estate') pay the doctors' bills?

  • DiscoStu65 Aug 2, 2010

    funny how my "head shot" comment didn't make it but several others did.

  • Malcontent Aug 2, 2010

    The intruder got what he deserved. I don't feel sorry for him. (let's see if this gets posted and not thrown out like last time)

  • braddavis Aug 2, 2010

    I say the homeowner get a personalized tag........WHO'S NEXT?