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Garner police investigate reports of fraudulent credit card activity

Posted July 28, 2010
Updated July 29, 2010

— Police say they are investigating after items purchased with stolen credit cards were delivered to a Garner home.

According to a search warrant released Wednesday, the items were delivered this month to 401 Kentucky Drive. The resident of the home, Gabriele Secrest, confirmed packages were delivered to her, however, she told police that she didn't know the items were bought with stolen credit cards.

Secrest said the packages were sent to her from Rick Manfred, who she said she met online through Yahoo! Messenger, according to the warrant.

The woman claimed that Manfred sent her address labels for the packages, which she would then reship to an orphanage in Africa.

Secrest consented to having her laptop examined by police. She also told officers that during the week of July 15, she received multiple packages from all over the United States. Police are going through customer receipts inside the packages to find out who purchased the items and if they were paid for fraudulently.

Police said they first began looking into the residence after a Saginaw, Mich., man reported fraudulent charges on his MasterCard from Payless and Hot Topic stores. After looking into the charges, the man said he learned the items were shipped to the Garner home.

Another case involved a woman from Rocky Mount who claimed her credit card was used for purchases she did not make. The items were also tracked to the Kentucky Drive residence, according to the warrant.

Secrest declined to comment Wednesday on the investigation.

Police said the investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed.


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  • down2earth Jul 29, 2010

    This is one of the oldest scams around! She was getting a cut. Why else would she agree to be the "middle man"? I see these types of schemes all of the time. When I go online, there is ALWAYS someone wanting to "chat"; they usually have up a picture of some really good looking man from CA; they start out saying they are visiting a sick parent or doing business over in Africa. Ding! Ding! Ding! Scam! I have busted some myself and by the time I give them a few words, they are apologizing.

  • JAT Jul 29, 2010

    Yeah, somehow the son of the President of Nigeria found my very own personal email address the other day and was telling about how he was going to give millions to Europe if only I'd help his dad get out of jail. He was even going to give me some money. How nice!

  • fatchanceimwrong Jul 29, 2010

    She's a crook living off gov't assitance. It's a shame that people like this can't stay locked up in their cages...they're not needed in society.

  • jet2rdu Jul 29, 2010

    All one would have to do is search "Africa email scams" or 'Africa mail scams" on Google, Yahoo or Bing and she would have seen there were 2 to 3 Million hits.

  • IzzMad2016 Jul 29, 2010

    Lately I've been getting emails in my junk folder that the new crowned prince of blah de blah has 50 million dollars for me. If only............I were that stupid. In this day and age almost anyone who owns a computer and has half a brain should be able to spot scamming immediately. Maybe she's not as innocent as I first thought.

  • hazeyc Jul 29, 2010

    I think she knew what she was doing - given that she was previously arrested for something she was doing online. She seems to be computer savvy and is doing whatever she can to make money while sitting in front of the computer.

  • fatcat11 Jul 29, 2010

    This woman should have already been in jail for child porn in 2008.....

  • Gork Jul 29, 2010

    htomc42 - please enlighten us, just what is the dollar figure that we've "pumped into" Africa? Could you be a little more precise?

  • Deep Thought Jul 29, 2010

    Do a Google search on Gabriele Secrest, very interesting if this is the same woman.

  • ListentoMeNow Jul 29, 2010

    "...that cesspool of a continent..." htomc42, you have some nerve to use those words. That continent and the people it is home to have just as much right to existence as you do. Personally, just from reading your post, I would opt to keep them and have you dismissed from your pitiful existence. The stupidity is a lot closer than you realize. Its in your head.