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N.C. ranked fourth laziest state

Posted July 27, 2010

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— North Carolinians spend more time watching TV, relaxing and thinking than residents in most other states, according to a BusinessWeek study released on Tuesday that ranks the Tar Heel state the fourth laziest, behind Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Residents on average each day spend eight hours sleeping, nearly three hours watching TV, about 25 minutes thinking and nearly an hour socializing, according to the study. The average North Carolinian, aged 15 and older, spends nearly three hours working.

"I don't know what their definition is of thinking," Lamar Caulder, of Raleigh, said. "How could that possibly make you lazy?"

"We are hardworking people," said Larry Robinson, a cook at Watkin's Grill in Raleigh. "We treat people right. We're responsible."

N.C. residents respond to lazy ranking N.C. residents respond to lazy ranking

The study cited a survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention where more than one-fourth of respondents said they had not exercised in the past month. It also noted the state's obesity rate, which is tied with Michigan for 10th in the nation.

"Let them come to see if we're lazy," Caulder said.

The laziest states list was based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey from 2004 to 2008. The survey averaged the time spent each day on various activities across the population ages 15 and older, including people who did not do the activity at all.

Leisure time spent on physically inactive activities, including surfing the Web, were considered against factors, such as time spent exercising, playing sports, working and the state's median age, which is 36.

Residents in North Dakota and Hawaii reported the least amount of inactive leisure time, the study found.


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  • fayettebill Jul 30, 2010

    So adding it up North Carolinians spend 15 1/2 hours per day doing those things. That leaves 8 1/2 doing????? Looks like another junk science study. Quick - we need a government program!! Hey Business Week, Y'all come back - but not too soon!

  • Dixiecrat Jul 29, 2010

    I'm trying to do my part to be number one, but it just takes too much effort.

  • frosty Jul 28, 2010

    Sounds like living the "good life" to me. Except for the TV part there are other things better to watch for me.

    Just relaxed southern life style, why many move here.

  • br549znc Jul 28, 2010

    Those who do not like it here can leave.

  • lucygreybone Jul 28, 2010

    They must have surveyed the yankees on golf courses.

  • babsd24 Jul 28, 2010

    Goodness, people I don't think they mean lazy during your working hours, it's what you do after you get off work and weekends that makes the difference. Most of us only work a normal 8 hours a day with the exception of those that have jobs requiring longer hours and more days. I don't understand the negativity towards this report, I would think that you would be grateful and maybe consider and do some research on the subject. The report did not say ALL people in North Carolina are lazy!

  • babsd24 Jul 28, 2010

    Biguncfan, do you live in Raleigh? Yes Raleigh is number one in the smart list and I bet there are less overweight people there. The big cities live a much faster pace than we do. It's a rush rush rush all the time.

    com_mon_sents - I was just taken back at the "hanging out" and 'socializing" was a lazy activity> It depends on what you are doing when you are hanging out or socializing if it is considered lazy. Sitting there watching TV or sitting around eating and drinking, or doing something that requires you to move more than your mouth or hands. Sorry but leisure does not mean you have to stop and drop.

  • thesheriff Jul 28, 2010

    The surveyors obviously called during normal working man's hours b/c I didn't get a ring. Instead, they got answers from all you lazy carolinian homebodies. So what who cares

  • Working Woman Jul 28, 2010

    Since so many northerners have moved down here, it makes sense. I've never seen so many lazy people until they came.

  • smizzzz Jul 28, 2010

    pretty much sums up the south!