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Woman, three children injured in Fayetteville wreck

Posted July 27, 2010
Updated August 11, 2010

— A woman and her three children were injured in a wreck on Country Club Drive in Fayetteville on Tuesday morning.

Fayetteville Police said Syreeta Fultz, 29, of Ruby Drive, crossed the center line on Country Club Drive and ran head-on into a dump truck. A third vehicle was also struck in the wreck, which occurred between Murchison and Rosehill roads.

"Miss Fultz was trapped inside the vehicle and had three kids in the back seat," Grubb said.

Fultz's three children – aged 2, 6, 8 – were rescued quickly and taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

"The mother took a little bit longer because she was stuck inside the vehicle, but they got her out as quickly as they could," Grubb said.

Firefighters had to cut away the top of the car to free her. She was brought to Cape Fear but later flown to UNC Hospitals.

wreck Injuries reported in Fayetteville wreck

Fultz suffered multiple fractures and injuries and was listed in serious condition Wednesday morning. Two of her children were listed in critical conciditoin and one was listed in fair condition. On Wednesday, police identified the children as Jeremiah Fultz, 6, Ayreon Guillory, 2, and Isaiah Fultz, 8.

The dump truck driver, William Frazee II, 49, of Linden, was not seriously hurt and was not transported for treatment, police said. Grubb said the truck is owned by W.B. Hauling of Linden. It was not loaded at the time of the wreck.

The occupants of the third vehicle, Velvie Autry, 51, and John Autry, 57, both of Fayetteville, were also transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment. Their vehicle had minor damage.

Charges are being withheld pending an investigation, Grubb said.

"At this time, we do not believe alcohol was a factor and it is too early to tell if speed was a factor," Grubb said. "We do feel that the weather contributed to the accident."

The eastbound lanes of Country Club Drive were shut down for more than two hours while crews cleared the wreck.


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  • britt2k10 Aug 2, 2010

    Well, well, well. Let me stop all of this madness and state that Ms. Fultz's CELL PHONE WAS SAFELY IN HER PURSE WITH THE REST OF HER BELONGINGS. So the rumors/speculations of her cell phone use can cease. Thank you for those who were respectful to my family and I really pray for those who were too smart for their own good. I will not disclose any information about the Fultz family condition (due to privacy reasons of the immediate family), but I will state that our family are in need of some serious prayers during this tragic time. Thank you, and may God continue to richly bless the other families involved in this accident.

  • Positivity Jul 29, 2010

    WoW!! You are a piece a work but if something ever like that happen to you or someone you knew, I will do the same a defend and pray. Their you go jumping to conclusions. Know one knows exactly what happen. She could had an anorism, seizure, her foot could have slip, one of the kids could have got out the seat belt, her leg could have went numb etc..... All Im saying is dont judge until you know the facts. According to the report it was mostly likely cause by weather. GOLO is for anyone with a opinion. You are entitle to yours as everyone else is Jennifer. Why are ppl so negative and want to see the worse in everything. Its so easy to say something terrible happen instead of looking at the positive. Why cant anyone say it could have been a seizure or something, instead i bet she was talking on her phone. Even if that was the case it wasnt deliberate. It still was accident. Something she will have to live with the rest of her life. Family have to see these post to.

  • Positivity Jul 29, 2010

    I will pray for you (theroadislong). GOLO is for anyone. Family members and friends have to see the post to.

  • Rolling Along Jul 28, 2010

    "Accidents are accidents..."

    After nearly 20 years of investigating "accidents" of all types(primarily industrial), it usually boils down to a human factor/error. There are usually contributing factors, but it is usually because of a choice the human involved made.

  • theroadislong Jul 28, 2010

    Accidents are accidents, but that doesn't mean that she should just slide by without being held responsible. What about the people she hurt and the damage she caused to their vehicles. Yes, the first and foremost concern is the health of everyone involved and then it's time to start talking about cleaning up the problems that were caused. Driving left of center is becoming a common cause of accidents and it's very frightening because the safety of others is put in jeopardy when someone crosses the center line. How bout instead of defending your good friend, you go be with her and her family in the hospital? Or rally your church and other local churches for corporate prayer? Or help the other family in some way. GoLo discussion boards is not a place for concerned "close friends".

  • foamballforex Jul 27, 2010

    fl2nc2ca2md2nc... it's Ford Fusion.

  • steve12 Jul 27, 2010

    These type of wrecks are very common.... I'm in the emergency services and work in Cumberland county, so I did hear this call and was involved in another wreck very similar to this one at the same time today. Unfortunatly, people don't slow down, but when the area receives the amount of rain we had today, all the oils in the pavement become very slick, especially early on in the rain storms.

    It's sad when children are involved.... Just hope everyone thinks next time when it comes a downpour, it can happen to anybody at anytime.

  • Positivity Jul 27, 2010

    Ive read all the comments and I appreciate the ones that actually have the time to pray for the mother and children. Im good friend of hers and she is very responsible person and a great mother.Just remember before you make comments that it could be someone you love or you know. There is only one person who judges and that is GOD. Mrs. Fultz is a well respected person of the community. No one knows for sure what happen but does it matter at this time. My prayers go out to the children and adults involved in the accident. You have a whole lot of ppl praying for you. For those that dont have nothing nice to say, just remember how about if was one your family members. Would you be worried about what happen or would you want them to be ok? Accident is just that and accident know matter how it was cause. It wasnt deliberate so just pray instead making assumptions.

  • UPTOP Jul 27, 2010

    My prayers are with her and those poor little babies.I'm sure ppl that could just stay at home in conditions like this would. Everyone don't have the type of work where they can call whenever and say I'm not coming in due to the rain !!

  • ncmedic201 Jul 27, 2010

    When it first begins to rain it makes the roads slick. You are better off driving after it has been raining for a while then when it first starts. I still don't understand why some of you are questioning what the authorities on scene are stating??