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Advisers to help Perdue choose new Highway Patrol leader

Posted July 19, 2010

— Choosing the next commander of a Highway Patrol dogged by conduct questions will be one of Gov. Beverly Perdue's most scrutinized decisions to date.

Col. Randy Glover announced unexpectedly on Friday that he would step down on Sept. 1 after 13 months on the job. Perdue characterized the move as a resignation, but Glover maintains that he is retiring after 30 years with the patrol so as not to be a target for critics of the agency.

Glover's move comes amid Perdue's call for restructuring the patrol after a number of cases in the past few years involving troopers who have resigned, been fired or been disciplined for inappropriate or questionable conduct, including profiling, drunken driving, animal abuse, sex on duty and inappropriate text messages.

Perdue had given Glover and Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Reuben Young 60 days to devise a restructuring plan. She said Monday that she expects to have a team of advisers in place this week to help with the transition.

"I'm going to let this group help us interview the likely candidates and help set up parameters for how the patrol needs to continue to change," she said.

Many want the next commander to come from outside the Highway Patrol, but state law mandates that the agency's leadership must come from the governor, the secretary of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety or someone within the ranks of the patrol.

Changing the law before Perdue names a new commander would require a special legislative session.

"I really have no objection to going outside," Perdue said. "I really don't want to call the General Assembly back for a special session, and I really don't want to wait until January. So, I'm very hopeful we can work within the parameters and then change the law, if need be, in January."

Observers speculated that the governor could work at the edges of the law by finding a trained trooper who left for other leadership opportunities.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Perdue says advisers will aid in Highway Patrol transition

Perdue had talked, for example, to Division of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Mike Robertson about overseeing the patrol. He was a trooper, led the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement and was a State Bureau of Investigation agent.

Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said Robertson will remain at DMV.

The governor also could hire an interim patrol commander until the law is changed.

"I think, if we get someone from outside with a lot of experience in law enforcement but from another agency, that would be the way to go for the next person hired," House Minority Leader Paul Stam said.

John Midgette, executive director of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, said Glover's successor must be named without patronage and that eliminating favoritism could allow some within the patrol to run the agency effectively.

"I don't think replacing colonels is as much an issue as finding out what's going on above the colonels," Midgette said. "I think there are people inside the patrol who could run it if they were allowed to run it."

Meanwhile, Glover continues to travel around the state to hold ethics meetings for troopers.


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  • faycop4ncstate Jul 21, 2010

    “faycop4ncstate has it wrong, but I don't need to argue with ignorance. He(or she) probably applied to the NCSHP and was not accepted. I've been through the academy, and it's no joke.” Braddavis

    That is simply the “arrogant” attitude that the citizens are tired of. I know many troopers and they are great guys. I am not saying that the academy is easy. Like or not though, a legitimate argument could be made for combining state law enforcement into a State Police. Just because an academy is full of physical challenges similar to the Marines does not make the agency elite. The citizens don’t care that you can stop a car full of thugs at 4AM by yourself. The citizens care about professionalism, morality, and quality of service. In fact the citizens probably don’t care at all about your physical abilities because when they call 911 for help, troopers don’t respond unless it is a traffic accident. I support all law enforcement; however I think we need a State Police.

  • UNCfuturealumi Jul 19, 2010

    Is that woman that caused all this still going to her job? If so she has not one bit of respect for the men on the road that is taking all ths slack for her sleaseness..they need to give her a ticket and not one to the movie either.

  • wakeconative4ever Jul 19, 2010

    leo-nc....what do you think of a nc state police force? my husband says absolutely NO...

  • leo-nc Jul 19, 2010

    I've saved officers and deputies tails before and they've saved mine. Nuff said about that subject for me. I have high respect for the deputies and officers in my county, and I have earned theirs. We look out after each other on calls all the time. When the stuff hits the fan, I am confident that all of us as a team can get the job done. Those of you non cops bashing troopers on here, you haven't a darn clue as to what we do.

  • UNCfuturealumi Jul 19, 2010

    She may call it a resignation, but she lies..The man said, "I am retiring." cannot see that I blame him either.

  • didisaythat Jul 19, 2010

    i hope these posters that are trying to prove that the trooper is better than a deputy or an officer is better than a trooper is not being posted by actual LEO's. I hope these are from the uninformed public and hope that all agencies support the SHP during this process they are going through. And I hope the SHP supports the other agencies in the county they work in. We all are doing a difficult job. We need to support each other, because we don't get enough from the public.

  • kodac31 Jul 19, 2010


    (Everytime politicians(ie.LAWYERS) put their noses into business and areas where they don't belong and SHOULD NOT BE they ALWAYS RUIN EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH TURNS TO GARBAGE!)

  • leo-nc Jul 19, 2010

    "What some people seem to forget is the fact that NC does not have a State Police. NCSHP only has training on the Chapter 20 laws which is Motor Vehicle Laws. Troopers are brian washed to think they are the elite Law Enforcement in this state. A deputy sheriff is the only law enforcement agency that is trained to really serve and Protect...IF your home gets broke into, you are assaulted, they investigate murders, etc..not to mention the endless criminal and civil process papers that they serve. I hate all this for the NCSHP but it is time they were put in their place. For years they have worked the Governors Mansion, all prestigious ballgames in and out of state with politicians, flown politician around in their helicopters, driven policticans around in their patrol cars...blah blah blah"-

    Another clueless post by someone who hasn't walked the walk. Pfft

  • finwearer Jul 19, 2010

    not to mention 'think1st', that GOLO has been/is a forum in which we, as citizens, can air our thoughts and concerns of current events.

    If you take offense to that... then you certainly fall into the arrogant, sef-serving, egotistical individuals that have necisitated this very discussion.

  • momof2girls Jul 19, 2010

    If all the useless paperwork could be eliminated, then many of the "ranking officers" at the Archdale Bldg. and Training Academy could be on the road where they are needed. However, the "good ole boy philosophy" will not let that happen. The HP has to keep all those ranking officers up there so they can all scratch each others back and stab each other to get the next promotion. Why do they need to have rank to be doing paper work anyway? They stay up there, get promoted, and do the same jobs while, there are counties in the state that have 1 or 2 troopers working the road at night! What a waste of taxpayers money!! This is not a military organization....so why do they need all these ranks anyway???