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NCAA probe puts UNC campus on edge

Posted July 16, 2010

— Students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said Friday that they are anxiously waiting for details of an NCAA investigation of the school's athletics program.

By all indications, the focus is on possible violations within the football program. InsideCarolina.com and ESPN.com have both reported that defensive tackle Marvin Austin and wide receiver Greg Little were questioned by the NCAA.

Neither player could be reached for comment Friday.

Travis Spencer, who like the two football players is a senior, said it's difficult for students not knowing what type of violation is being investigated.

"From what the talk I've heard, it's like the stars who could have gone pro and stuck around are kind of questioning why they didn't go pro," Spencer said. "I was kind of surprised. I never really thought of us like doing stuff like that."

Few people on campus actually know what the investigation is about because the NCAA has asked university officials, coaches and players not to comment.

Bob Winston, chairman of UNC's Board of Trustees, said he was told there was an investigation, but he wasn't given any details.

Atlantic Coast Conference officials said they, likewise, are in the dark about the probe.

UNC football practice UNC students hope NCAA clears football team

Although there's no time frame for completing such investigations, NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said investigators usually like to wrap them up within a year.

UNC senior Kamari Daniels said he would like the matter resolved before the football season starts so that the investigation doesn't become a distraction for the team.

If investigators do find a violation, sanctions would be decided by the NCAA's Committee on Infractions. UNC has not been before that committee since 1961.

Steve Kirschner, UNC associate athletic director, said there has been no indication that the school would go before the committee in the current case.

"If we do get in trouble, it's a dead shame, but hopefully, I'm pretty sure, we won't," UNC senior Craig Knight said.

Claire Atwell, a UNC senior who is co-chairwoman of the Carolina Fever student fan club, said she hopes people don't judge the football team or players prematurely.

"(The situation) is difficult, I think, especially since there's been a lot of buzz about our football team this year," Atwell said. "(An investigation) doesn't mean that anything bad has happened, and I think people should just keep an open mind and wait to hear something."


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  • Objective Scientist Jul 16, 2010

    The post by tw9jd5 regarding Dean Smith ...soon pass away ... divert attention ... to his passing ... ask the NCAA to hold the investigation till his memorial services are complete..."

    This has got to be one of the most "classless" posts I've ever seen... and I've seen some truly significant classless posts. It is amazing how "low" some will go given the "anonymity" offered by this site. tw9jd5... that is truly "CLASSLESS"!!!!

  • balog Jul 16, 2010

    Heck, if this is the only thing that goes on that is seedy at UNC, they should be happy. Sadly, I am sure if someone really looked, that university would be in a far worse place.

  • PirateHeist Jul 16, 2010

    Yeah rand... never mind the obvious foul play. As long as it is kept quiet it's okay.

  • rand321 Jul 16, 2010

    Players who go to MIA and dine in expensive restaurants should not be sending out tweets to his peeps.

    Other players and families who receive generous gifts from kind givers better be careful what gets posted onto Facebook and twitter.

    the whole world can see all of these.

  • r u crazy too Jul 16, 2010

    tw9jd5: if that was supposed to be "funny", it ain't.

  • slayerhil Jul 16, 2010

    WTH kind of comment is that, tw9jd5?