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Durham hit-and-run a mystery for investigators

Posted July 13, 2010

— The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is still seeking information in a case where a woman might have been hit by as many as four vehicles and her car turned up more than 5 miles away.

Kara Clark, 22, of Durham, was leaving a friend's Club Boulevard house around 10 p.m. Friday when she was struck, trooper Michael Stuart said Tuesday.

A passing motorist found her at the intersection of Club Boulevard and East Geer Street and called 911. Clark was in critical condition Tuesday afternoon at Duke University Hospital, investigators said.

Durham police found her white 1999 Toyota Solara Tuesday afternoon at the end of Troy Street, which is 5.3 miles from where Clark was found, according to Google Maps.

Investigators say it's unclear just what might have happened.

"There are a lot of possibilities," Stuart said.

It was dark on the street, he said, and it's possible that the drivers might not have realized they hit a person.

The driver who saw Clark told troopers that she initially didn't process what was happening.

Kara Clark car recovered Durham woman struck by several cars

"Once she realized it was a person lying in the road, she stopped and called 911," Stuart said.

In the call, released by investigators Tuesday afternoon, the driver says she was behind the vehicles that hit Clark and that they did not stop.

She said Clark had a broken leg and was bleeding from her head.

The friend Clark had been visiting said she didn't see Clark leave and did not know if she was with anyone. She told troopers she heard Clark screaming.

Investigators also aren't sure how the car ended up on Troy Street, if it was stolen or if it could have been one of the vehicles that hit her.

"That is a possibility that we are looking into," Stuart said. "(The car) could contain some key pieces of evidence that we are looking for that could help find out who may have been with her or who may know what happened."

Investigators urge anyone who might have seen the car – it has tinted windows and a pink palmetto on the back window that reads "Carolina Girl – or has any information about the case to call the Highway Patrol in Durham at 919-733-3861 or *HP on a cellular phone.


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  • sssh.. whisper Jul 15, 2010

    I have to agree with "tparrott".. How come her "friend" didn't knwo she had left or if she was with anyone??? This "friend" states she heard screams--- Yet, she doesn't know anything else... Hmmm.

    Prayers to this young woman. May she have a full recovery and be able to help solve this case.

  • el conquistador Jul 14, 2010

    Poor thing.I've had a bad day or two,but nothing compared to what Kara had that day. I think someone slipped her something. I'd start the investigation at the last place she was seen alive and well...No need for the bomb squad on this one Lopez. Someone might get hurt.

  • mawmaw106 Jul 14, 2010

    I went to school with Kara and her and the family will be in my prayers!

  • gman976 Jul 14, 2010

    Running over screaming injured people lying in the roadway must be a Durham thing. I guess I'm just not in on the protocol...

  • sfate61 Jul 14, 2010

    My daughter knew her and went to school with Kara. I only live about a mile from where it happen and it is very dark on that road at night and very hard to see. But with that many cars/trucks that hit and ran over her and kept going without stopping, that's no excuse.If the person behind those cars saw that it was a person lying in the road,why didn't they see that also. I just hope they catch them all and charge them with Hit and Run.

  • pancake Jul 14, 2010

    I live about a mile from this intersection and agree with scubagirl. Home before dark, safety off(children grown and married)my steely friend within arms reach. Maggie Dog will give us fair warning. Walk in maybe but, you won't walk out.

  • tparrott Jul 14, 2010

    Okay....friends that hear her screaming and do nothing...friends that didn't know when she left OR if anyone was with her...and last but not least drivers that hit a human being and kept going?????? And may not have realized it was a PERSON they ran over.....give me a break!!! Is this something out of the "Twilight Zone"??? Prayers going out for that poor woman.........Durham's "finest" need to get on the ball with this one.

  • nikbrow Jul 14, 2010

    Yeah, I don't understand the screaming part either. When did they hear her screaming and why didn't they do something?

  • dogsrule12cheek Jul 14, 2010

    Friends like that who needs Enemies.......

  • aamburgey Jul 14, 2010

    Her friend didn't see her leave, didn't know if she was with someone, and heard her screaming ???? NOT much of a friend if they didn't investigate and called 911 themselves unless they where up to no good.