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Man kills himself as police surround Fuquay-Varina house

Posted July 5, 2010

— A police standoff ended Monday afternoon when officers entered a Fuquay-Varina home and found that a man wanted in a shooting had killed himself, authorities said.

The incident began shortly after 10 a.m., when William Columbus Martin, 40, arrived at a Fuquay-Varina fire station on East Vance Street seeking medical attention, authorities said.

Martin told authorities that Gregory Carver Higgs, 37, shot at him several times, hitting him once in the left foot, during an argument. The two men were fighting because Martin had ordered Higgs to leave his house, at 701 E. Maple Lane.

Investigators said Martin and Higgs are brothers-in-law.

Fuquay-Varina standoff Argument between brothers-in-law ends in shooting

Neighbor Daryl Park said he heard some popping noises Monday morning and initially thought someone was setting off fireworks.

"We heard someone screaming. That was the weird part," Park said, adding that he then saw someone run into the house across the street.

Police officers went to Martin's home, where they found that Higgs had barricaded himself inside, authorities said.

Members of the Wake County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team were deployed in the neighborhood, and deputies and Fuquay-Varina police surrounded the house.

Authorities heard a single gunshot from the house at about 10:45 a.m., but six Special Response Team members waited until about 12:30 p.m. before trying to enter the house.

Once inside, they found Higgs dead in the crawl space under the house, authorities said. He had shot himself, they said.

"It's what you see on TV," said Jeff Smith, who lives nearby. "As I was explaining to my son, this is real. This really happens. This is why we're out here to protect our children, and it's for this reason. Stuff like this does happen."

Martin was taken to WakeMed in Raleigh for treatment.


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  • thepeopleschamp Jul 6, 2010

    "Perfect time to use that tazer gun.You know,the one the cops like to use on 82 year old grandmothers." grasshopperrtp2

    Did you read the part where he was discovered to be deceased when found by officers? In your invaluable advise to leo's, are you suggesting they use a taser on someone deceased? You are a tactical wizard.

  • rhowerton Jul 5, 2010

    "kneads" I Surely Agree With You. She Probably Don't Know 50%. Some People. No She Is Not Baptist

  • sniperdiver Jul 5, 2010

    What kind of person am I? Hmmmmmm. College educated, A beleiver in our U.S. Constitution. There is a reason that Suicide is no longer against the law in NC. Someone finally realized that there was no suspect to hold responcible for the crime. Let me add to the first blog, that all the officers at the crime scene will now have to go through some post trauma / incident debrief with a psychologist at who knows what expense. Your tax dollars at work.

  • rhowerton Jul 5, 2010

    "Spirit Warrior Womman" I Don't Think You Need To look at The time The Statment's Was Made.The Deceased was not Found At That time.Yes I Have 100% In Reading. Do You?

  • rhowerton Jul 5, 2010

    "Sniperdiver" What Kind Of Person Are You? May God help U With Your Need's

  • keneds Jul 5, 2010

    I dont know why the REV is being so disrespective telling somone they have zero comprehension.....what denomination are you....surely not a Baptist.....LOL....take a breather lady....I sure hope I spelled all my words right or I guess she will tell me about it.............WOW some people

  • sniperdiver Jul 5, 2010

    First, let me express my grief for the family. However, let me also express the great savings that this individual has saved the State of North Carolina. There will be no cost to house him in jail awaiting trial, no cost for a trial, no cost for mental health evaluation and treatment, and no cost to house in a state prisons. These savings include food, shelter, clothing, medical expenses as etc.

  • Adelinthe Jul 5, 2010

    And I don't know what you people are looking at, the map is correct.

    It shows properties between Sunset Lake Road and Highway 55 in FV.

    IF this were Angier between Coats, there would be NO Sunset Lake Road, because there iw NO Sunset Lake Road in Angier or Coats.

    So much nitpickin' - so little compassion.

    Jesus take the wheel!!!

    I'm done here.

    God bless.


  • keneds Jul 5, 2010

    the LEO officer that was interviewed stated he was in the basement...i dont know.. thats just what WRAL interview stated, not sure why they didnt bother to put that in the story

  • Adelinthe Jul 5, 2010

    rhower - "How did they know he was in the crawl space?"

    Either you didn't read the story, or you have zero reading comprehension.


    (Frustration setting in.)

    God bless.