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Suspected Smithfield shooter was charged with threats, assault

Posted July 2, 2010

— A man accused of killing his estranged wife and wounding her stepfather in a Thursday shooting in Smithfield had been charged with making threats against his wife, court records show.

Aldolfo Reyes Maldonado, 45, of 240 Harrison Road in Wilsons Mills, was charged with murder and attempted first degree murder. He was being held in the Johnston County jail without bond. He is due in court on July 22.

Authorities said Maldonado shot Elizabeth Holmes Reyes and Ben Croft at 80 Neuse Bend Road in Smithfield on Thursday afternoon. Reyes was killed, and Croft was being treated at Johnston Memorial Hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

Family members said Reyes and Maldonado had been married for about two years.

When deputies arrived at the home, Maldonado was on the porch holding an infant and a weapon. He surrendered to police. The infant, who family members said is the couple's son, was not injured.

In May, Maldonado was charged with communicating threats to Reyes. According to arrest warrants, Maldonado told Reyes he would kill her.

Suspected shooter was charged with threats Suspected shooter was charged with threats

In March, Maldonado was charged with assault on a female, according to arrest warrants. The charge was filed after police said he hit his wife in the face with his fist. Reyes voluntarily dismissed the charges in April, according to court records.

Janice Allen, a victim advocate in Johnston County, said she helped Reyes file a domestic violence protective order against her husband back in March.

At that time, Reyes claimed her husband assaulted her with a closed fist and threatened to "get her with jumper cables and cut off the power to the house."

Two court hearings were scheduled, but both Reyes and Maldonado did not attend the meetings, so a judge dismissed the order.

Allen said there may have been some confusion about where Reyes was staying when the courts were trying to serve her notice about the hearings.

“This is only a piece of paper,” Allen said of the order. “And if he really wants to hurt you, this is not going to stop it.”

In 2008, Maldonado was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after police said he held a knife to Reyes' throat and told her that was going to kill her. Reyes later voluntarily dismissed the charge.

Another woman took out a protective order against Maldonado in 2005, claiming he beat her and tried to choke her, according to court documents. She also claimed he held a knife to her throat.

Maldonado filed a protective order against that woman in 2007, claiming she punched him in the face and threatened him with a gun.


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  • mmurray8414 Jul 2, 2010

    You know this is really sad. I think that when a man puts his hands on a women it should be up to the legal system to up hold the charges. The evidence come the night she fills out the ex-parte order. I have seen it time and time again the man has a strange power over these women and the sucker them back in. Everyone just say a prayer for Elizabeths family and her poor baby who will grow up not having a mother to nurture him the way a mom is supposed to.

  • johnstonredneck Jul 2, 2010

    Just another VERY good reason for increasing security at the border!

  • autonomous173 Jul 2, 2010

    Sorry no excuses. The law did nothing to protect this woman. Fix this and all the other waste that I pay for.

  • mulecitybabe Jul 2, 2010

    The wife didn't show up for court. What do you expect the DA to do?

  • bluetarheel21 Jul 2, 2010

    Yes Im aware of that Wake1, Im referring to his eyes, they look empty and hallow .... of course he is evil cause he killed his wife and he definitly looks the part ....

  • itsmyownopinion Jul 2, 2010

    You are so right, bluetarheel -- evil for sure. I was under the impression they were a young couple. How old was she?

  • Wake1 Jul 2, 2010

    He is evil - he killed his wife!

  • Winston Jul 2, 2010

    Don't be alarmed or shocked...our school systems and judicial systems welcome criminals. Prove me wrong.

  • bluetarheel21 Jul 2, 2010

    this man looks evil ....

  • jungleflu Jul 2, 2010

    So johnston county is partly in fault for her murder for not upholding the protective order she tried to have placed on him!
    the district attorny that help dismiss the protective order should be arrested also. Maldonado has had numerous domestic disputes and another protection order before , but no evidence to uphold the order. Humm does that sound right too any body else. Also is he here legally i wonder ?