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Durham businesses react after I-40 shutdown

Posted July 1, 2010

— Local business owners were still upset on Thursday a day after having to close early because police shut down Interstate 40 in the area of Fayetteville Road in Durham to investigate the report of a suspicious object.

Police shut down the interstate in both directions for more than three hours after a passerby called 911 saying a bomb was spotted in the vicinity The suspicious object was found to be foam.

Scott Molnar, of Planet Beach tanning salon on Fayetteville Road, said his business had to close early on Wednesday because police were taping off the entrances into many local businesses.

"We had several people call in that were planning on coming here that couldn't come to make payments and things like that," said Nathan Stephenson, of State Farm Insurance.

Durham businesses react after I-40 shutdown Durham businesses react after I-40 shutdown

Nearby, a spokesman for The Streets at Southpoint said foot traffic was slow Wednesday afternoon, but for the most part they didn't experience any problems related to the incident.

“After 9/11 and after everything that happened and the focus on Homeland Security, you know, I understand you have to be cautious,” driver Michelle Bennett said. “If there really had been a bomb and it had gone off, a lot of people could have been hurt. So, I would rather them err on the side of caution and if we all have to get where we’re going a little later, then I understand that.”


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  • EvilSithLord Jul 6, 2010

    Where in the common sense in this country? A possible explosive device versus tanning bed. Can you see that both have the potential to fry you alive? Duh!

  • lovethesouth1 Jul 2, 2010

    Chivegas, that was the most moronic statement you could've made.
    This day in age, how do you have any CLUE what every bomb looks like? Maybe they should've brought their xray goggles too to make sure they saw the wires?!? Get a clue... be happy that they did what they had to do to keep people safe in a situation that could've been disastrous. These business owners need to be thankful that someone cared so much about their safety.

  • com_mon_sents Jul 2, 2010

    The nerve of the selfishness of people this day and time. I don't care how much time it would have cost me, if it would have saved my life along with the people around me. I'm like the first poster here...if it had been a bomb and exploded ...man!...the lawsuits would have been flying left and right 15 min. after it along with the swarm of lawyers.
    Police did what they needed to do, and in this day and time, we should RESPECT that and just go on with life, along with being THANKFUL that this did not turn out to be bomb after all.

  • smalldogsrule Jul 2, 2010

    mean a reasonable person could tell from the Sky5 feed that it didn't look anything like a bomb.

    And just how many bombs have you seen in your life time. I've seen some that looked like soda cans, brief cases, packages from the post office, paper bags, tool boxes, a doctors case. So , yeah, you can tell from the camera of a helicopter several hundred feet in the air that the three cylindrical objects taped together with cords coming out wasn't a bomb. I'll buy that.

  • chivegas Jul 1, 2010

    I propose we by a $1 million dollar telescope, so next time we can look at the "suspicious" foam and realize that it's just foam. I mean a reasonable person could tell from the Sky5 feed that it didn't look anything like a bomb.

    (Threw in the one million dollar number, so local gov'ts will feel like it's a good idea just because it's expensive)

  • yankee1 Jul 1, 2010

    C'mon people! What if the purple floaty tubes with the bungy cord fuse had actually exploded? Lawsuits would be a dime a dozen. I mean really!